collaboration wanted on Behind the Scenes

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collaboration wanted on Behind the Scenes

Post by judih » May 13th, 2022, 5:52 am

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So, I've got this poem that I originally wrote at the beginning of the 2000's but updated it.
I recorded it, and then, as now, I see it as something more - a more kinesthetic experience.
Artists? Photographers? Audio buffs? i'm calling you (without being specific).

Who wants to help?

Behind-the-scenes, judih

She was used to it,
her parts around the room,
calves grazing by the window
knees in temporary squats
elbows wide to guard the hallway.

till doorbells rang
and she’d scurry
to assemble her compartments
equip her gaunt corridors
wring out soaking hands to reapply her visage

and opening the door,
she’d greet her other side

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