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individual results may vary

Post by preston » September 7th, 2004, 9:30 am

Have you ever decided to rearrange something in your life, only to find out once you've started that it's a lot more work than you had anticipated ?
And then when you're done, you decide that you liked things better the way they were before ?

I recently decided to put all my CD's into one of those one of those cool looking leather binders.
This involved taking all of the CD's out of the jewel cases.
Which left me with about 200 plastic cases I had to decide what to do with.
I decided to keep about 30 of them ... just in case.
I also had to decide what to do with all of the liner notes.
I put them in a file folder.

So now I've got to alphabetize the CD's, which is a royal pain ....
especially when I get to the M's.
Sarah McLachlan - Joni Mitchell - Pat Metheny - Mozart - Mendelssohn
And Miles Davis ... does he go in the M's or the D's ?

An important decision that needs to be carefully considered.
Just like Stevie Ray Vaughan ... is he an S or a V.

When I end up with the Joni Mitchell mixed in with the Mozart, I decide that I really need to separate the classical music from the rest ... so I put it at the back of the binder.
Which turned out to be a mistake, since by the time I get to Zeppelin I've got no more room left in the rock / jazz / blues section and have to move the classical section back a couple
more pages.
Which still doesn't give me enough room for the ZZ Top.

So I decide I better just go ahead and buy another binder for the classical music.

And of course I never stopped to consider what would happen when I bought a new CD and didn't have any room for it.
So I decide that the new stuff, I'll put in the back of the classical binder until have a chance to rearrange the first binder so I can fit it into the proper alphabetical spot.

And now everytime I want to know what song I'm listening to or who's playing on a particular track, I gotta pull out the file folder and search through the liner notes ... which, no matter how careful I am are always mixed up. I mean ... how do you keep 200 - 5x5 pieces of paper in any kind of order ?

And transportablity is a big problem when all of your CD's are in 2 huge binders, each weighing in excess of 10 lbs.
So I buy a small binder that holds 12 CD's to carry in the car with me. Which means that everytime I go somewhere I've gotta go through my music, locate what I want and move it to the small binder.
And then a couple of days later when I'm looking for a particular CD, I spend 10 minutes going through the big binder looking for it, thinking it must be out of place.
Then I go through the classical binder thinking it might be there.
Then I go check the CD player in the bedroom
And all this time it's in the small binder, which is sitting inconspicuously on the dining room table.

And the custom crafted CD holder sitting empty next to the stereo ... it now looks like some cheap piece of Art Deco.


Next, I'm gonna move my computer.
I've decided to turn my breakfast nook into an office.


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Post by magicmystery » September 7th, 2004, 3:06 pm

Boy You are getting yourself in deep!!!.....LOL

I do understand what you are talking about.... been there, reversed that!

I thought about taking my cds and putting them in groups ... rock, christian, classical, instrumental, country, ad nausium... and then there are the compilations... best ofs.... and the mixes that i have burnt myself.... eeek. I finally got tired of being organized.... and trying to find room for new shit everytime I burnt another cd. I went to IKEA and spent 4 bucks on 4 units that hold several each, and I put them in whatever order that I want.. and I seem to know which ones I play more, and they go in front. easy to get at, easy to put back. and, trust me, I do reach back and select new ones now and again and then they become the front ones.... I have also taken all of these and ripped them with Media Player 10 (yes, it rips to mp3 format not just wma) and put them all on my computer in a variety of play lists.

The last time I reorganized, I moved my living room to my office and office to my livingroom.... (open concept apartment w/ livingroom diningroom, kitchen, livingroom was big enough to be part office.) I can now plug my computer soundcard output to my sterio system.... great for blowing my neighbours away on Sunday afternoons...... Everybody rises to their own level of incompetence when it comes to becoming a more organized person..... for some less is more. For me, it is a full time job (have a packrat for a husband and an obsessive compulsive neat son) I have the only child in Toronto that tells his mother to "turn down that sterio!" OK I am veering again. Just to say, I understand what the effort to become more organized takes and why it is like Sisyphus and that damned rock.


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