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Doreen Peri
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Post by Doreen Peri » August 18th, 2004, 5:17 pm

I'd be interested in reading about your collaborative arts projects.

Do you write together with someone else?

Have you participated in an art show with other artists?

Have you collaborated on any theatrical performances?

Do you currently have any collaborative projects in the works?

Please tell me about your feelings about collaboration. Do you enjoy collaborating on creative projects? Tell me your stories.

Why do you enjoy collaborating and what do you get out of it? Tell me!

I love collaboration.

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Post by WIREMAN » August 20th, 2004, 1:47 pm

....well >>>I'll tell ya about start with I am presently doin' a show here in baltimore with my wife carole jean as you already know doreen........all my recent wired sculptures are finished off with the addition of a glass bead that c.j. makes using a torch.....this shared art thing has been an intregal part of my arts career for forever now that I come to think of it .........especially in the realms of words performed with well as me collaborating with a number of litkickers and performing their poetry here in baltimoere over the last couple of years .......I could go on and on ....and as a matter of fact you and I have collaborated more than once my friend ......mark

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Dave The Dov
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Well There Is This!!!!

Post by Dave The Dov » September 3rd, 2004, 7:32 pm

This something that we worked on about a year ago.

From the disturbed minds of Dave The Dov & HepKat


The Goose Investigates Fraud

Tall Goats In Finland

Telepathic Groundhogs In Foil

Termites Get Indecisive Frequently

Tiny Gnomes Invite Friends

Tangy Gulls In Front

The Guillotine Is Frisky

Toads Gulp In Flies

Teflon Gary Is Freaky

Taut Girls In France

Trip Grasshoppers Its Funny

Telemarketers Graffiti Igloos Fiendishly

Talking Goldfish In Flour

Termites Grow Incontinent Fast

The Gang Is Foreign

Tickle Grapes Its Free

Tipsy Gnats In Frankenmuth

The Gumbo Is Frosty

This God Is Funny

Tamales Grow In Frisco

Too Good Is Further

Televised Gravy is Floppy

The Great Is Forlorn

Trained Gnu’s In Fencing

The Genius Is Fat

Tapioca Golf Is Fabulous

Too Gone Is Fickle

Tequila Gold Ignites Flames

The Goal Is Friday

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