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Posted: March 25th, 2006, 11:59 pm
by judih
hey, marching ain't so bad
a general cymbal
headin this way
a band of hopeful 8'ers
time for the beat
headin, thinkin, knowing
april hints ahead

i hear a caesar salad in our midst
an 8-filled situation
a round moment with a chance of pearls

another dose of jam would be nice
we'll jam till spring gets the message

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 1:30 am
by Ann Bingham
Could it be, just a few weeks
the bunny still hides in his hole
unless spring wakes up and blows.
Showers fade in and out
but the flowers say not warm enough yet.
The Lilies brave the cold to sing
in the brith of the one who gives life.
Personally I think he's keeping it
to himself this year.

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 8:56 am
by stilltrucking
He sowed and He reaps
He weaps because of what is reaped

She, she bears the burden
And He crows
Where ever He goes
He drops a rich load of knowledge
Good fertilizer for War Famine Pestilence
Mother Earth is banished from the garden
Look on His mighty works and despair
I would like to Passover Religion this spring
Enough hatered and strife to last another two thousand years
But if it gets you through the night
Who am I too complain?
Jesus is just all right with me
Kill for Christ
That is His motto
Christian Jihadists
Go away
I have had a belly full of religion
Just give me a happy fat Buddha
A Gentle Jesus on the Mount
A Hindu Elephant God
And a Sufi poem
And I will make it through the knight without
Thoughts of suicide
Nietzsche can go shit in his hat
Give me my Mother back
She who bore me from the the earth
She who bore Adam too
Are we not made of the dust of the earth?

Father in heaven shine your light upon the darkness in my soul
Spring is here in Texas The Wild Flower State
Lupinus subcarnosus ("generally known as buffalo clover or bluebonnet")
Diminished expectations of wild flowers
After winter droughtt
I will take what I can get

The Legend of the Pink Bluebonnet ... onnet.html

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 9:45 am
by Ann Bingham
Softly we welcome spring
with dogwoods pierced
the bark upon which
Jesus hung.
The mighty oak
now stands tallest
and we forget
the weak is still strongest.
Religion drowning the true meaning
of love thy neighbor
live and let live
and coveth not thy neighbors wife.

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 10:00 am
by stilltrucking
Christianity as it is
Has raped mother earth
I want know no part of
Satan or Jesus
Angels or demons

Love is all there is
God is love
The rabbi told the story about the little boy who was asked, "If you tell me where God is, I will give you a dollar?"

The little boy answered, "I will give you two dollars if you tell me where God is not?"

Gentle yes
Gentle as a five thousand pound bomb
Gentle as a five megaton bomb
Gentle as depleted uranium artilery shells
Gentle as a rocket propelled grenade

Yes the flowers grow between the cracks in the concrete
And the poet said April is the cruelest mont
The poppies sprout on Flanders Field
And we talk a good talk
ANd we walk a death walk
No thanks
What is supernatural?
It is ignorance
It is fear
Fear to face the mystery of what we can not understand
I believe in passionate curiosity
I believe in the mystery of life
I believe in spring
I dont want no fucking priests to connect the dots for me
Unless they are chaplains on a battle field holding the hand of a dying soldier and offering him words of hope for a batter life to come. I dont want to be a christian soldier no more.

If Jesus dont mind he can go shit in his hat with Mohamed and Nietzsche.

Father forgive us for what we must do
You forgive us we will forgive you
We will forgive each other until we both turn blue
Then we will go whistling and fishing in heaven
John Prine quoted for memory

I am Just a crazy jew here AB
I dont want nothing to do with that mighty smighty god of my mothers

It could be worse, I could have been born a woman.

Spring flowers, easter bunnies, passover dinner with friends and family, sacred music, take the best and leave the rest.

Where is Dr Swift when we need him?

Where your easter bonnet and we will march in the easter parade
in friendship

when I say worse to be a woman I mean a Jewish woman, pardon my racism, I am a coward, I would have made a very poor excuse for a woman. There is a prayer that Jewish men say, thank thank the lord of the universe for not making them a woman. That gardenof eden story is real cute, but it has been a curse on women. Time for the Mullahs and Priests to move on out of the dark ages. So too for Hinu's we need a new religion or no religion, a return to spiritual living. get rid of the seminaries replace them with feminaries.

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 10:11 am
by stilltrucking
dam it forget religion, sorry I brought it up

I love spring

It is one of my favorite four seasons along with fall, winter and summer.

Life is beautiful

I am hooked on the joy of breathing

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 11:02 am
Jam flows
slow & strawberry
red hot lava
cruising down
the mountainside...................

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 11:58 am
by Doreen Peri
judih wrote: we'll jam till spring gets the message
a perfect plan!

let the Jam jam on
until the earth is
thoroughly convinced
it has orbited the sun
to the proper degree
for the people to sing,
"It is spring! It is spring

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 12:39 pm
by jimboloco
If Jesus dont mind he can go shit in his hat with Mohamed and Nietzsche.

it must be spring
such blooming thoughts
fragrant with pollinated philosophy
in strawberry fields left fallow
past the florid equinox
orbiting the sun

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 1:25 pm
by mousey1
I survived my day in the sun
it was springlike here
and as I worked
in my garden of delight
I chuckled
at the fortuitousness
of life
How it'll plop a turd in your path
make you swing right
and before you know it
you're headed in a new direction
plodding a new course
and all because
you let shit get in your way

now ain't that the shiznit

ah the conundrum
step over
step 'round
circle, like a bird in flight
step back
turn away
or just sit
right there
smack dab in the middle of it
until you reek of it

your choice

luckily I don't believe in chance
it is all a well laid plan
a pick or choose
select right
you win
select wrong
you lose

I'm digging myself into a hole here
luckily I'm tall enough
I can still peek out
peek about
reach up
for a helping hand :)

sweet mystery of life at last I've found you! :roll:


and my cheeks bore the rosey red glow of a day spent outside, what more can you ask.
Winter's pallor giving way to springtime's blush.


Posted: March 26th, 2006, 2:14 pm
by Ann Bingham
damn this temperamental
terminal, just like the weather
should have taken that left
at Albuquerque.
Perhaps would be basking
in mother natures love
rather then her wrath.

how I long for
daffodils, and pansies
rose buds, and dragon flies
gentle winding streams
and the soft sound they exhibit.
pitching tents, and singing songs
aah but that is summers breed.

let this chill wind pass me
allow the sun to warm me
warm spirits and mind
soon it will be fine.

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 3:59 pm
by stilltrucking
in mother natures love
rather then her wrath.
I do believe in spooks, I do, I do believe in spooks
A cowardly lion

What puts the ape in apricot
and the faith of a heretic
there are worse fates than burning in hell

Mother earth is pregnant for the third time
Cause you have knocked her up
I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the the universe, and I was not offended,
Because I knew I had to rise above it or drown in my own shit
Maggot brian funkadelic from memory

I do beleve in chance, I do I do I do believe in chance
Tme and chance come to all men it say in Hebrew somwhere is some old text. Yep
I get my hackles up with capitol H he, I want to see some more capitol S she. The perfect presidential candidate, a negro nun from texas named Finklestein. or Franklyn-schteen

Yeah give me mother nature's wrath any day. her shit don't stink as much cause is organic, not raidoactive as Patriarchial wrath.

I say nuke the ungrateful bastards cause god is on our side.

Don't let me ruin your sunday, I am happy as a clam, a day of sunshine wind and motor cycles

Spring is perfect this day, if I could trap time in a bottle, it would be today.

A good day for an easter parade, with flying bonnets like kites.

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 7:12 pm
by Ann Bingham
[quotI do believe in spooks, I do, I do believe in spooks
A cowardly lion


and the tin man in a heart
life changes into intricate colors
amid the bombardment of sin and lust

there is the world apart
along the sea alone
left standing with grains
sifting though hands, bound

courage is the heretic
perhaps hell is a far better place
then where i wish to be

there is the world apart
along the sea alone
sifting sand though hands bound
slicing delicate strips, the life line short

mother nature bears her burden alone
sitting on a porcelain throne
watching the maggots squirm into the universe
and her stomach turns at the thought
of what man has done to rape the earth
and holds her love at bay

chance is fate, fate a destiny
and we repeat the same mistakes
unwilling to learn from the past
and she is never president
as she is to loving
the hebrew judge fought back
and danced the jubilee

mother natures wrath
fertilizer for the poor
and radio activity is the creed of the day

Sundays are for the long rides
wind in the face, fingers grace
and time is the enemy
soon the bottle breaks
and time is all gone.

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 8:17 pm
sprung for the begin
spring for the begun
inevitable coming of
30 today maybe 80
next week same time
time for chillin into
the stormy monday blues..............

Posted: March 27th, 2006, 7:12 am
by stilltrucking
I love the changes
when the seasons are unsettled
when winter and spring tug and pull
and the weather is cool and hot
nights are warm and then a frost
the flux
makes me feel there is a way out

I am an ignorant man
No knowledge of traditions
Somewhere hidden in the patriarchal swagger
I know that, I believe that the feminine was still hidden
I know that God is more than He, and more than She too
Just a trick of the light

Man will not learn from his mistakes
One way or another mother nature will strike her balance

I am the youngest son of a youngest son
A chip off the block of insanity
Where men think they know a woman's mind
and they don't know love at all

Spring is a shake of the dice
A shuffle of the cards
A fresh breeze
A spin of the earth

Sometimes I think mother nature got bored with her daughters
and She invented He to amuse her.

I don't mind the maggots
They were a staple of my childhood
Big city back alleys
Never complete with out dead rats with maggots.

It is the got dam flags I hate
I should not hate
It makes me late
But I have the vision of a toddler
He is a male
He swaggers with his diapers full of shit
He is the mightiest he has ever seen

He is clever too
From stone to copper, to bronze, to steel, to uranium, his weapons, ever more efficient.

And the women weep,
the children starve
talk about hell
talk about heaven
God proposes and man disposes

know the maggots
I mean no the maggots don't bother me
I owe Jesus for a good nights sleep
I owe Jesus for the solace she found
The peace from the trouble I caused her

I got no problem with Jesus one on one
It is the Christian armies
The fellowship
The need to belong
The mob
the got dam mob
the group mind
be it pagan or Christian
Hindu or Jewish
Muslim or Buddhist
I think we all got to walk our own way

The scare crow rules
He has a diploma from Yale
He is a man of action
Not one heretical thought comes his way
With god on his side
in hoc signo vincis
A roman emperor or sees a cross in the sky
and takes it as a sign of victory

Onward Christian soldiers marching to another war
Good profits to be made in war
good prophets too

I love the spring
Everything so pregnant with possibilities
id the bombardment of sin and lust

A good description of me and St Paul

He was anticipating the kingdom of God to come
And he missed it.
It is here
It is now
It has always been so
It is among us

I do believe Jesus was born in the spring
With the lambs for the slaughter

The kingdom lies with in
It is heaven or hell
We always have a choice

Last night was spring again
The night before was winter
I love the changes
Space ship earth makes her appointed rounds
Most of the passengers lost and oblivious to the passage
Caught up in the struggle for the legal tender

Spring comes hard to some

It is a wake up call to me
It is just not Christians who have raped the earth
I know that
All I have to do is look to China and India
I see plenty of rapists
It is men I blame
because they have the power
Women might have don the same

It is up against the wall red necked mothers
Teach your sons so well
that their father's hell did slowly go bye

Sorry AB I woofed at you
it is the He thing
I am wary of that
Watched a Peter/Paul pbs special the other night
Paul so eager to spread the word among the gentiles
And I try to calculate in my humble way
Was it worth it?
For all the good the saints have done
How many dead Christian soldiers and innocent by standers
I kind of wish it had stayed a Jewish cult.

My little noggin unable to see the big picture
But I believe in the spirit
a holy spirit of truth
I want too much
I want to know
I want to be sure as Bush
I want to understand
Why this insanity
is it just the adolescent of the human race

I want I want I want
a puny ego lust for power

The racism about women a product of environment
Those women in my family loved that patriarchal god of their mothers

They had me brainwashed
I only dated nice Jewish girls

Now I know better
I see a Doreen and I know
a woman is a woman is a woman
I could mention so many female brains
But this is her garden so I will leave it at her
Silk and steel and diamonds

A statue of a goddess
Soft curves in marble

I could not make it with out the goddess I see in every woman
That is all I mean
At least the Catholics give some honor to women
Protestants with there little help mates
The little women that it is their white man's burden to boss

that is all I was trying to say
The emphasis

There is a better breed of men coming I do believe
The tin men have found their hearts

The problem with the Easter season for me is that some people love it so much they would like to nail us all to a cross.

I am still a cowardly lion
I do not believe in a here after
But I do believe in eternal life
I believe the now is the eternal
Always now

And now it is Spring
And it is perfect here
Nothing hurts and it is beautiful

If only that was true for everyone
I dream of world peace and good will towards all mankind

Gee Whiz I am dreaming my life away

Such a beautiful nights sleep
the windows open
and a warm breeze smelling of spring blow over my sleep
What sweet dreams

Whatever happens to tomorrow
Pain and suffering
Or joy and pleasure
Now is so sweet
And I would rather woof at you
Than not speak from my heart to you

Wireman you got the beat
All I got is silence
My words won't dance
I keep listening
Maybe one day I will here the music too

spontaneous gibberish with a million typos
just cant deal with an edit now
After breakfast
if there is still time