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Todays Banner

Post by Sober Duck » July 1st, 2006, 2:02 pm


Allium Ampeloprasum
Richard Moylan Jr.
Just what is Allium Ampeloprasum you ask? Well I thought they were flowers from outer space. With their unique purple color and perfectly round buds they seem foreign to our world. But foreign is just what they are.
Just across the river on the banks of the York along Colonial Parkway grows the Yorktown Onion as it is more commonly known. These onions are also known as wild onions, giant wild garlic and wild leeks. It is speculated that the onions came here during colonial days from the old country mixed in bags of grain. I guess livestock didn’t care for onion seed and left it lay on the ground. The most interesting thing about the Yorktown Onion is it only grows in Yorktown and no where else in the Untied States.
The plants appearance is eye catching when the onion field is in full bloom usually in mid spring. Hundreds of perfectly round medium purple flowers sway side by side two to three feet above the ground with a strong tall stalk supporting the round buds. While in bloom the landscape transforms into something from a Star Trek episode where the plants might shoot intoxicating spores at Spock.
There is one other unique and important fact about the Yorktown Onion. According to Section 17-35, Subsection B of the York County Code, “Gathering or collecting of the Yorktown Onion shall be prohibited”. And that fact is not posted around the onions.

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