Cup of tea for thee?

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Cup of tea for thee?

Post by neologistic » December 28th, 2010, 4:26 pm

Hello, my name is James. I chose the screen name neologistic because I am moderately obsessed with neologisms, or the coining of new phrases; specifically, the creative freedoms we have to explore and unwind ourselves in our respectively restrictive languages. New words, new ideas, the unseen horizons and all that it means. I offer my ineptitude and erratic ignorance to you to share a collective exploration, if you will or Will.

I'm particularly interested in the concepts of "ars poetica" and "meta", in all of their definitions as they've morphed through linguistics and society. I adore passionately any art that becomes more than itself somehow, or rather, breaks our boundaries of understanding what art truly means; an Elizabethan improv play where the audience helps act out the parts via social tea and a few sparse and versatile premeditated plot points, to a painting of a cheery and funny poet with actual ribbon glued to the painting of his wonderful Christmas bowtie, to an obscure messageboad post online referencing another art as well as itself while connecting the dots with a hyperlink as shown in the previous "e.g.", to a painting of a garden made with strewn flower seeds that sits perched carefully within an actual garden that someone else is painting... anything and everything, for the sake of Connecting All Our Dots in their infinite beaut(y/ies), for the sake of just letting it all flow out and being who you are, for the sake of dancing through the chemistry of Great Conversations in All Of Us Dancing Through Our Bless-ed Lowercase And uppercase movements in unity, peace, love and understanding, and wow, just wow. Get it? Don't worry, I don't either, but that's ok, I don't have to know what I'm talking about because I'm not trying to cling to any kind of id about, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII just want to ceeeeeeeeelebraaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaate.

A little late to mention this, but I am also afflicted with the same "dis-order" as our dear admin Doreen...I submit that our bumper sticker should read "hypergraphs unite! And by unite, I mean in a very interesting and unique way that I understand and enjoy but also the other members of our extraverbious community relates to and enjoys, and by extraverbious, of course, I mean extra verbs, here here! Another order, please, or two or three, make some of them rhyme if you don't mind, oh bloody Hell, I forgot what I was even talking about but that's OK because one thing I do know is that if you talk long enough it eventually circles back around to make its various points and wonderful tangential distractions that are actually relevant and metaphorical endeavors in dancing through existence, or is that just circular logic and I talk so much that I start tricking myself into shunning realism, oh Hell, but what is realism, anyway, any which way but moose because what in the Hell does that even mean?"

It's actually a shortened version of our prior bumper sticker for Hypergraphs Anonymous Or Rather Slightly Anonymous Or Really Not All That Anonymous But I Guess It Depends On The Member But More Importantly What Kind Of Acronym Does Our Group's Name Create Or Rather What Can Be Inferred Comfortably Or More Importantly Truthfully Or Hell Just Creatively We Don't Even Know Anymore, because our previous bumper sticker caused too many wrecks.

What was I saying?

Oh Hell, just explore my world and share me with you and you with I and we with we and all of that jazz, just keep it rockin' and positive, if we can find a way

Which way? Of all the infinite ways, which positive way do we want to decide on? There's so much hope for the world, we just have to let it all in.

Anyway, welcome to my humble Studio 8 Artlog, please drop a line in this thread of whichever you may, and be sure to inform me if you would like one lump or two.

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Re: Cup of tea for thee?

Post by Steve Plonk » May 16th, 2011, 10:51 pm

I am currently operating under a temporal distortion. My daughter is watching
"Godzilla" and I am hearing Japanese ambulances in the background and I think
I am stuck in an early sixties time warp. The dryer is rumbling drying clothes
and I just got in a few more hangers.

I am wondering about all the hoopla surrounding our local "American Idol" contestant and there is a cool spell of "blackberry winter" upon us...Nothing
is as it seems and the temperature is almost dreamlike. Why are there so
many "rubes and goobs" around here? You live near the Knoxville area, so you
must have some sort of clue. Thank goodness we have a black president so
he can jerk me back into reality. "Obama got Osama!" What about that?!

We are in the midst of the changing of the "old guard" into the new. With some backpedaling rubes ruining it for everyone else. There
are folks that want us to teach creationism and think the earth is flat and/or
less than 100,000 years old...A strange twisted bunch of "thumpers"...
They won't fund the school system and want to take away the teaching unions and the public workers rights. Yes, it must be some kind of weird time warp in
this state and nearby. Except for the tornados which jerked many back into
reality...flooding in the western part of the state...Hhoo Bboy! Go figure!
Some kind of weird judgement day, I've heard some say...Time for everyone
to climb on the fire trucks and go vote Democratic!

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Re: Cup of tea for thee?

Post by neologistic » May 16th, 2011, 11:27 pm

Lol. I have no idea about this wacky place anymore and I don't think anyone does. The universe is slowing down and galaxies are getting closer to one another. No, wait, it's speeding up and expanding. No, well, we just don't actually know, but here's sub-entertaining brainwashery from your friendly neighborhood media. Now they have gadgets that let you put on a headband and literally control computers and phones with thoughts. I think we all got too big for our britches and someone/thing/force needs to smite us down a few IQ points and reduce our technology back to sticks and stones and harsh words where we can't do much damage to ourselves or anyone else, such an exponentially stranger and stranger place, every day is like a new tier of weird that I didn't have the fancy to get into

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