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Gee, I just realized...

Posted: September 2nd, 2004, 11:08 am
by sooZen
When you get the final site up and going with all the artists, writings and all that good stuff...I am going to have to sign on as 'buddhabtich'. I have tried editing my profile but cannot seem to change my sign-in name. I know I deserve what I get ( :roll: ) and I guess this is it. Good thing the type is so small...buddhabtich won't have to be in big letters. :wink: This is a good lesson for my anal perfectionist side!


Posted: September 2nd, 2004, 12:16 pm
by Doreen Peri
I figured out how to fix it for you.

You are now buddhabitch, properly spelled. :D

when the site goes up, though, on your art page, you are not buddhabitch, you are soozen lee.

If you'd rather be buddhabitch on that page, I can change that, too, but i think soozen lee is better for that, myself. ;)

I'll send you an email to let you know this, too, so you don't come to the forums and wonder why you can't log on with a typo.

Yippie Yeah!

Posted: September 2nd, 2004, 1:42 pm
by sooZen
Thanks ever so much Doreen, as I told you in probably only mattered to me but your fixing it matters greatly to me. You are gonna be a net wizard when it is all said and done.

I agree, buddhabitch is just for posting here. I would like to be id'd as SooZen Lee in my artist profile.

Thanks again.