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New book from deep cleveland press

Post by markk » May 9th, 2006, 11:45 am

deep cleveland press is pleased to announce the publication of:

Woodsmoke & Green Tea: New Poems by Russell Salamon
66 pages, perfect bound, ISBN 0-9742054-8-6 $12.95

Russell Salamon (bio below) is best known as one of cleveland's mimeo
revolution poets from the 1960s, friend and roommate of d.a. levy.
This is Russell's first new book of poems in five years, filled with
work overflowing with light, love, & spiritual adventure.

You can order on-line at deep cleveland books at the discount price of
$12.00 postage paid:

or send a check for $12.00 to:

deep cleveland books
p.o. box 14248
cleveland, oh  44114

peace to you,



Russell Salamon was born on December 6, 1941 in Berkasovo,
Yugoslavia, as it was then, about sixty miles west of Belgrade in a
hamlet of about 200 people near the Orient Express Line.
Huge steam locomotives thundered through without stopping at Sid
(pronounced, Sheed), a nearby town of 2,000.

This life up to age twelve is recounted in Breakfast in the Twelfth
Century, a book of poems. In October 1953 he came to Kent, Ohio, and soon after, to Cleveland. This part is summarized in Descent into
Cleveland, a poetic novel about events in the 1960's.

A prolific poet, Russell Salamon is the author of eleven books of
poetry. His work has appeared in Passager, Sunstone, Uncommon Ground, Daybreak, The Listening Eye, Saint Petersburg Russian-American Anthology, Peckerwood, Puckerbrush Review, Retooling for the Renaissance in the Third Millenium, Trace, and Dare, among others.

He serves on the editorial board for California Quarterly, published
by the California State Poetry Society. He has been a featured reader
at many venues in California and New York, with one reading in London.

In California: Moonday, Beyond Baroque, Autry Museum of Western
Heritage, Mission Viejo Public Library, Laguna Poets, Bakersfield Art
Gallery, San Louis Obispo, Riverside, Mission San Louis Rey, Moondog,
etc. Inevitable Press, Laguna Poets Series #213, produced  Breeze
Hunting for his featured reading in Laguna Beach in 2001.

The editor, Padraic Cohee said of Russell's work: "...the secret of
this book's own magic comes pouring forth like a diluvian inundation
of lyrical synesthesia. The log-jam is broken open and we are swept
away in a current of water, trees, freedom, true love, and poetic
imagery. And there is a breeze whispering in the branches: you can
ride the updraft all the way back to eternity. The movement from
nostalgic simplicity to higher spirituality is done with such skill we
wonder how it is that Russell Salamon doesn't wear that golden
embroidered robe he remembers in one of these poems [about his priest father]. From the paper to the trees themselves, this book is an
enchantment of trees and wooden things. Wonderful!"

He lives in North Hollywood, California. He may be contacted at:
hello astronaut
no -- im not a firefly
no im not a flying saucer
in the distance
I'm a self contained unit
of consciousness waiting
to be reborn
-- d.a. levy

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