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Posted: February 12th, 2006, 12:57 pm
by jimboloco
in the desert
quiet wind
bright moon
resting in a tent
waiting for her lover

Posted: February 13th, 2006, 7:33 am
by sooZen
What a beautiful picture all the way around! (love the light on her face.)

Posted: February 16th, 2006, 12:24 am
by jimboloco
thatz sooo zennnnn
if ya know what i mean
like mean gene
not my truck driver wallace voting trucker uncle gene
like i mean, like, mean gene the primed (espionage) volunteer
i said "volunteer@
yeah where waz i
another spy
but it'z kool
he came over to th force
a jedi volunteer coordinator at
wmnf radio

Posted: February 16th, 2006, 9:01 am
by stilltrucking
faggots for peace
and George Wallace come over too
judge no man happy until he is dead
Sitting in his wheel chair like a Buddha
He had a million black friends at his funeral
They can not be made noble nor to suffer disgrace.
I got a quirky memory. Some people listen to birds. I prayed for a hearing heart.

She is very lovely jimbo. Nice work

Posted: February 16th, 2006, 9:07 am
by sooZen
I am listening... :D

Posted: February 16th, 2006, 9:15 am
by stilltrucking

"You can't be any better than the worst you recognize." jitterbug

Posted: February 16th, 2006, 11:01 am
by jimboloco
dont fuck wid de heyzeuz, m'boy :mrgreen:
first day of my meditation vacation
last nite drank 3 beers and got stoned
now up and churning
800 mg ibuprofin
steak and eggs
waiting on my car gonna do it right
brakes, struts, wheels, man
ooohhh soooo zennn
down by el rio
i was there too
gotta show some more for you
muchas graciass, baby
she is my fatima fantasy
i want her

Posted: February 16th, 2006, 11:15 am
by stilltrucking
oh yeah he be coming back anyday now and he is pissed, them faggots better watch their asses.

Jimbo emoticons may be a chick thing but sometimes on a text based community it is hard to tell from these black squiggles in text box whether you are joking or not. I figure you must be, cause Jeus is easy. jitterbug is the closest to a christian that I know. But I don't remember him ever calling himself one. Allthough he was baptized a baptist. Me I went with the quakers they believe in holy spirit baptism as yu probably know. My nature too violent to be a baptst. jitterbug is kind to a fault, I am honest to a fault or so Alamo Rose youse to tell me.

I watched a woman on tv she reminded me of Madame Lafarge in A Tale of Two CIties. She was at a church rally against Gay Marriage and other important issues :roll: . SHe held up a sign that said something nasty about How Pissed off Jesus was going to be. I don't read that new bible much except for Luke The Drifter.

I remember a song I heard at the Union Gospel Mission down on lower broadway in music city usa

"You better lean on Jesus before he leans on you." I said that to guy up in the heart of the ghetto in mobtown. Then I turned my back on him and he kindly came up behind me and hit me upside the head with a two by four. Reminds me of the guy's son in ZATAOMM being stabbed outside the Zen Center by two men who were robbing him. THe author identifies the men as black men I wondered why he had to identify their race. He said his son said something to the men before they stabbed him in the heart. And I could not help wondering what he said to them. SOme pearls of Buddhist wisdom.?

So I wondered if your bad boss was black, would yu have called him a nigger? Funny that is what that guy with the 2 X 4 called me just before he hit me. And I always thought I could pass for white. How could have seen my black soul.

drive on jimbo
dirive on
don't mean nothing

Every Things Ok from luke the drifter

Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr.
Words and music by Hank Williams, Sr.

I [G] went to the country - just [C] the other day
To see [D7] my Uncle Bill and sorta [G] pass the time away
I asked him how he'd been - since [C] last, I'd passed his way
He rubbed his [D7] chin - here's what he had [G] to say.

"My wife's been sick - the [C] young'ns, too
And I'm [D7] durn near - down [G] with the flu
The cow's gone dry - and them [C] hens won't lay
But - [D7] we're still a-livin' - so EVER'-[G] THING'S Okay.

The hogs took the cholera and they've all done died
The bees got mad - and they left the hive
The weevils got the corn and the rain rotted the hay
But - we're still a-livin' - so EVER'THING'S Okay.

The porch rotted down - that's more expense
The durned old mule - he tore down the fence
The mortgage is due and - I can't pay
But - we're still a-livin' - so EVER'THING'S Okay.

The cow broke in the field and eat up the beans
The durn rabbits - they got the turnip greens
And my Ma-in-law just moved in to stay
But - we're still a-livin' - so EVER'THING'S Okay.

My land's so poor - so hard and "yeller"
You have to set on a sack of fetilizer to raise an "umbreller"
And it rains out here - nearly ever' day
But - we're still a-livin' - so EVER'THING'S Okay.

The well's gone dry and I have to tote the water
Up from the spring - about a mile and a quarter
My helper, he quit - for the lack of pay
But - we're still a-livin' - so EVER'THING'S Okay.

The house it leaks - it needs a new top
When it rains - it wets ever'thing we got
The chimney fell down - just yesterday
But - we're still a-livin' - so EVER'THING'S Okay.

The corn meals gone and the meat's run out
Got nothin' to kill to put in the smokehouse
The preacher's comin' Sunday - to spend the day
But - we're still a-livin' - so EVER'THING'S Okay.

The canned stuff's spoiled - else the jar's got broke
And all we got left is one old Billy goat
We're gonna have a new baby about the first of May
But - we're still a-livin' - so EVER'THING'S Okay.

My crop it rotted - in the ground
I asked for another loan but the banker turned me down
But - we're still a-livin' and we're prayin' for better days
So - after all, ever'thing's in purty good shape."


Posted: February 16th, 2006, 11:28 am
by jimboloco
the kid was an autistic misfit
bles his papa no doubt he cried
i was there
ate cinnamin rollz at a mission in the district
stayed at a nunnery my last nite there, that time, before heading back east
rode my thumb
then back again
down from rainbow gathering,
slept in goldengate park two nites
the last time a real sweet place
should've stayed there
on the sweet pacific up behind a restaurant, woods, easy space, peaceful
the liquor bottles were all empty itipped them up
and stuck my tongue into them
glass pussiez
where is my fatima

Posted: February 16th, 2006, 11:39 am
by stilltrucking
I suppose I posted to you as you were editing your post
to me because your post is different then the one I was replying too.

faggots burn good just like the rest of us

TO youI will always be the guy walking around with his dick hanging out won't I? I found my Beatrice. I would rather breathe than fuck anyday.

Posted: February 22nd, 2006, 11:57 am
by jimboloco
they put the faggots at the feet of the witches
and burned them, sad but true.
Image ... urning.jpg
and so the renaissance crumbles and renewal turns inward.

Posted: February 22nd, 2006, 12:32 pm
by stilltrucking
ten four on the salem women eating the moldy rye. I think at least one quaker was burned at the witch as a heretic, Maybe not, she might have escaped to RI, I think her name was Ann Hutchinson.

Hard to say which I am more ignorant of Judaism or Quakerism.

I have a tendency to write Quackerism, Yes I was a dues paying member o the Religous Society Of Ducks

Posted: February 22nd, 2006, 12:35 pm
by jimboloco
holy quak quak.

Posted: February 22nd, 2006, 1:39 pm
by stilltrucking
Hutchinson left in spring of 1638. The religious persecutions continued. Quakers were singled out for very harsh punishment, partly because their religion forbid them from swearing oaths to the government or serving in the military. Just being a Quaker was punishable by whipping, mutilation, or death. Between 1658 and 1661, four Quakers were hanged.
I got to fire my boss that lazy son of bitch.