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father and son

Posted: September 28th, 2004, 5:14 am
by panta rhei
i love clay, but haven't worked with it for years -
here's a small sculpture, about 15cm high, i made almost 20 years ago as a teenager - it survived all my moves, but the father's right hand's fingers have almost all fallen off over the years.

father and son, ca. 1985, clay, 15 cm height






Posted: September 28th, 2004, 7:31 am
by Doreen Peri
well, you should certainly work with it again, panta!

that's an awesome piece!

thank you for sharing this.... I love how you displayed it for us from every angle.

the father's stance shows such love.... this piece is wonderful!

(ps... i love clay, too.... heh ;))

Posted: September 28th, 2004, 8:13 am
.....some great views of your sculpture.......and it also looks awesome outside in the background -a.....peace ....mark

Posted: September 28th, 2004, 4:00 pm
by Dave The Dov
WOW!!!! That looks just like Rodin!!!! Great work!!!! :D
Acura CL

Re: father and son

Posted: February 24th, 2011, 5:32 am
by dadio
Good to find these. Love them. 8)