T Shirt Exhibits.....

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T Shirt Exhibits.....

Post by Artguy » September 21st, 2004, 7:28 pm

I've had it up to my ying yangs with theses fuggin impressionists.....It's all that the big public galleries ever feature anymore....Last week the wife & I went to see the whistler Monet Turner mega exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario....for one I could'nt see the art for the people....most of whom had no idea what they were looking at.......and sure it sells tickets .....brings out the throngs..........sells oodles of T-shirts and fridge magnets.........but let's get real here.......humans did make art after world war 1.....over and over again........"I'm mad as hell and won't take it anymore....".........I'm goin to bitch to the damn curators.............. :twisted:

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Post by mtmynd » September 22nd, 2004, 7:46 pm

hah! this made me laugh, Kurt... so true, so true. It's as if there are no painters in the 90's thru now. Like all things, galleries (even city and state owned) need to make a profit and there seems to be no way to "sell the public" on the new artists... who wants an unknown? Gad! what a miserable excuse, eh?

You mention of impressionists, i.e., Monet - I recently heard the reason he painted like he did (later years) was because of his loss of sight. Is there a larger story there? People flock to and ahh and goo over a blind man's impressions. And yet his paintings that are now on tee shirts, magnets and posters sell like crazy.

I reckon I'll try to hold on to my stuff (I sometimes have visions of creating a large bonfire with them), and maybe... just maybe, someone smart on commercializing can use my stuff for a new approach to seeing the world and make skads of dinero for themselves. (dream on, uh? but then isn't an artist's world a dream..?)

Hope you're feeling better now... :)

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