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Steve Plonk
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Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » October 2nd, 2010, 11:23 pm

Here's a place for folks to get to know each other better and post replies.

I am reserving this space for friends on this blog. So hang around and chat a bit if you care to. Thanks for posting. If you need to confirm meetings, please e-mail each other. We don't have space for that here... "Chat spot" has been approved.

I am married to a nice lady for many years and have a grown college educated daughter. I am interested in conversation with others who are Democrats and are "open minded" about spirituality. I am at the cusp of being a "senior citizen"
and have begun my sixty-first autumn. But, age is just a number and one's
state of mind is what defines a person. I have many interests and have had
friends of all colors, preferences, and nationalities. Some of them I've lost
contact with and some are just too busy to get together. Many of my family
members are like that. It's a working world... I'm semi-retired and do odd
jobs occasionally. I've been published in many small print magazines and
have blogged on various sites. The internet has really increased my awareness
of the world about us. On the internet, the world is in your living room...I've been on the net since 1999.

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Re: Chat Spot

Post by SadLuckDame » October 3rd, 2010, 12:19 pm

Hi Steve,

I'm just an average girl making a way in the world that is more lifting, if I can achieve it, to my spirits. Not too much to say on it than that. I do have kiddos and two jobs, which keep me grounded and more appreciative of it not dropping in my lap, when I'd really prolly just sit back to let things always fall and think it some sort of mysterious omen or fate, that which I clasp. Anyway, I'm here, you can catch me anytime in some sort of mood, smiles. Nice to meet you again.
`Do you know, I was so angry, Kitty,' Alice went on...`when I saw all the mischief you had been doing, I was very nearly opening the window, and putting you out into the snow! And you'd have deserved it, you
little mischievous darling!
~Lewis Carroll

Steve Plonk
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » October 3rd, 2010, 3:31 pm

SadluckDame, nice to see you at this spot, too. Thanks for being my first post here. I thought it would be interesting to have a "chat spot" here in my column spaces. There isn't anything quite like it in Studio Eight-- except maybe General Discussion forum. However, there aren't any real running conversations except on the artlogs. Your artlog is pretty interesting... This "chat spot" is an open topic place where folks may just "shoot the breeze", etc. Thanks for posting. I know there are other folks out there who wouldn't mind reintroducing themselves and just hang out...Especially on weekends and days off.

Speaking of free will vs. fate, I was just thinking of that while I was listening
to an old CD by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. It is called "Deja Vu" and I'm wondering how in the world we all get from point A in our lives to point B?
There is a combination of choices and karma at work here. I don't know in
what combo. The more I read and think about life, the less I think I know.
So I continue the seeking, for the answer may be in the search...

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Doreen Peri
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Doreen Peri » October 3rd, 2010, 3:57 pm

Thanks for the Chat Spot, Steve!

We had a forum called "Trailerpark"... it's in the archives. It was a spot for casual chat. General Discussion is also a spot for casual chat and others, as you, have also created chat threads on their artlogs. Everybody loves to chat! It's a good thing. If you ever want me to bring the "Trailerpark" forum back up from the archives, let me know.

Just a note.... Studio8 is not a blog. "Life in the Horse Lane" is a blog. It's your forum. But the whole site, Studio8... is not a blog. Definitely not. It's a community. Forum software, not blog software. There's a distinct difference (not to be picky or anything but I've heard you mention to others that the site is a blog and if it WERE a blog, unless you were one of the blog owners, you wouldn't be able to post any new topics at all). Sites which only have one or a handful of people posting their articles, those are blogs. These are community forums.


OK now back to the chat. Nice to read your bio! Sounds like you have a nice fulfilling and wonderful life!

Me? I am currently single, a mother of 2, one of them is grown and lives in another state, one lives with me. I'm a graphic designer by trade, work from my home office for multiple companies. I create marketing campaigns, print marketing materials like brochures & logos, etc., and design websites for my day job. I also write the text for these materials.

I love to paint, write poetry, play the piano, go to the gym, work in the garden, and swim. I also play scrabble regularly, finding it to be a relaxing yet challenging exercise. I love movies, my taste in music is quite eclectic from classical to blues to rock to r&b to rap to techno to house/dance music. I'm a former dancer, danced ballet, modern & jazz for many years. I miss the studio.

Currently, I have an art studio attached to my house. It's an 11x12 (small) room which used to be an attached shed. I had it gutted and finished. It has sliding glass doors on one end and also another door which has a full window embedded in it. LOTS of light. I need to spend more time there painting because one day I'm going to be a famous artist and my paintings will allow me to travel the world.

In my spare time, I manage/administrate a website called Studio8 and also work as an admin on another poetry site. I create and host an online radio show which is currently on hold but will be revived shortly. The show includes spoken word poets and musicians. Also, I'm preparing to submit my poetry to the New Yorker so I can get it accepted and eventually have a poetry collection published by a major publishing house. I also have a half-assed plan for a jazz/poetry video series.

I'm looking for a nice Italian man who loves wine and is a fabulous chef! It's not a requirement that he own a house on the Riviera, but if he did, I wouldn't mind. It would be nice if he could also speak English. My age requirements are between 45 and 60. If he stays fit, that would be a great plus as I'm very much into staying fit and I like to have someone share my interests. It would also be nice if he were a poet and a musician and painter, but hey, I can't have everything.

Please have any interested candidates contact me on my home line at 222-222-2222. If I'm not in, they can leave a message or they can text me at 333-333-3333.

References are not entirely necessary, but they would be helpful. And I'm not going to meet him alone. I would like to invite all of the Studio8 members to join me in meeting my date for the first time.

We'll have a champagne toast and some Italian fare.

(Oh, and if he's not Italian, that's OK, as long as he can take me to Italy occasionally and loves the ocean and treats me like the queen I am.)

Whew! Enough about me...
Let's talk about my novel.

Steve Plonk
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » October 3rd, 2010, 5:28 pm

Doreen, Greetings and felicitations from the high and holy highway. Looks like you are a really talented lady. I play occasional guitar, harmonica and have been known to "pick and grin" for tips. I also bang on the piano, but my wife and daughter are the real talent in the family. I do have a pretty good singing voice but I am out of practice. My wife and daughter have average singing voices but we sometimes sing "rounds" together when we are on long trips, like "Hey, ho, nobody's home" etc.

I really love most Italian food and went to long visits in Italy when I was a youngster. My Dad and Mom were stationed in Bavaria, near Munich and we kids went to the big "Octoberfest" a couple of times. I also really have great memories of Venice in the great palazzo(sic) square. The sky was full of birds of various kinds...Been all over Italy. Venice was only about a two and a half hour drive from where we were. (However, I'm not into eating squid and eel. Eel was okay when I didn't know what it was... Squid was better than octopus though.) I've told a little bit about Italy in a memoir ,of that time, written from a child's perspective...Still unpublished though... Rural Italy has some of the best strawberries that I've ever tasted...

At the time I was there, in the mid- fifties, Italians had really good feelings about Americans in general. We went camping quite a bit way back when. We were some of the first Americans to do so on a large scale in Europe. We camped at the bottom of the smoking peak of Mt. Etna, in Sicily, and got rides from fishermen to various out of the way places. It was way cool. 8) Still remember the glow in the "Blue Grotto" in the Isle of Capri. I conjure it up in my mind from time to time...Along with St. Peters in Rome around this time of year. More to follow sometime soon...

Steve Plonk
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » October 10th, 2010, 4:28 pm

10-10-10, Penny Haiku addend:

10-10-10, This decade is my friend,
A little time I'll spend
To give time a rend
To speak to the collective mind,
Who seems to be deaf, dumb, & blind--
So speak great humanity and let
Your words be heard,
Even risking the absurd,
10-10-10, we begin the week again...
Here's my word...let my echo ring true,
Like a flea or a fly in a flue.

Steve Plonk
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » October 20th, 2010, 4:21 pm

Well, howdy out there in the Net! It's time to go vote in many places--early voting. As for me, I voted a straight Democratic ticket. What about you all?

Not everyone is a Democrat and proud of it. However, we all should exercise our right to vote. Some vote republican or independent. Hey, everyone has the right to vote the way they feel. But consider the Democrats. There's no spin
and they tell the truth and hope to win. Hard to make up in two years what the republicans f'd up in eight. Sure, Democrats won the House in 2006, but it was still gridlock in the senate. Also, filibusters kept lots of stuff from passing.
The party of NO wants back in congress.

Let the congregation say NO to the republicans. If not, then I pity this country. The President always has had his work cut out for him, but if Congress gets f'd up again by republicans contract ON America,then America will once again become "Amerika"--a place I thought we were "through with.''

Yes, we are STILL in a recession. But look how the bankers and technocrats made the rules in the financial and trade practices. We're lucky things are evening out a bit in some sectors. The recession will be over when MY people have jobs. So ride the fire trucks and busses down to the poll booths and VOTE DEMOCRATIC! Remember what is not part of states rights rests with the people and you don't need no damn AK-47 to hunt deer. I'm a knife and bow & arrow man, myself. Hey, all power to the great United States, true blue, and love to all of you...

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Doreen Peri
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Doreen Peri » November 9th, 2010, 7:47 pm

I'd like to talk about one of two things:

1) the meaning of life. I mean, what the heck is the purpose of this? I was thinking it was about love and creating but I'm not sure any more.


2) Ice cream. Let's talk about ice cream. What's your favorite type of ice cream? And why? Do particular brands or flavors appeal to you?


I voted in the election. Of course. I always vote. I voted democratic because democrats usually want to help people more than republicans. Republicans want to hold onto their money and so they're against taxes which pay for things like helping people... schools, roads, programs to help the needy, that sort of thing. I'm probably a socialist at heart.

The whole system is broken, though. And everybody's blaming everybody else. The healthcare system sucks. The insurance business is big business and it's all about money. The whole country is all about money. There are a lot of crooks in this country. Have you ever wondered why only 3% of the world's population has 98% of the wealth? That's the world. Not just this country.

I know why. Capitalism sucks. They bought the world and the peons will continue to suffer just to be able to eat and clothe themselves. George Carlin has a great routine about this. I should post the video if I can find it.


Or... maybe we can talk about gardening. Do you have a garden? I don't grow vegetables, I grow flowers. I should start growing vegetables. I might need to feed myself that way.

But now winter's coming and so it's not a great time for gardening here anyway.

I'm not fond of winters. My fingers turn totally numb and white. Seriously. It's called Reynaud's Syndrome. It's creepy. Like they're dead.

Today it was 55 degrees but I was freezing. Once it goes below 60 (F, not C.. haha), I start dressing in layers. I wear leggings under my jeans and two or 3 shirts. Not even kidding. It's like I have no blood.

I wish I lived somewhere warmer where they don't have winter. I dread the snow.

I'm very depressed, huh? Sounds like I'm complaining about everything.

Do you want to talk about the weather?


I'm passionate about many things.... art, music, painting, love. I love love. I love being in love. I may be in love with love 'cause every time I fall in love, later on it doesn't work out. Oh well. Probably because I'm cold blooded. Maybe I'm a cold blooded bitch.

Do you think I'm a bitch? I never owned a dog except once, speaking of bitches. But it was male dog. What do you call a male dog? A female dog is a bitch. What's the male called?

I had my dog for a total of 6 weeks probably before he chewed up everything in my apartment including my shoes, the rungs of my chairs, my carpet, pillows, everything. It was a mess. I couldn't train him at all. He was a cross between a poodle and cocker spaniel. I think they call that a cockadoodle. I just called him a cock sucker when he kept chewing up everything and wouldn't stop. He was really cute but not cute enough for shit like that.

It's sorta like love. I've come full circle. Once the object of your affection starts calling you a bitch and you start calling him a cock, well it's time to get OUT, yanno what I mean?


You know what I like? I like movies. Would you like to talk about movies? I like lots of different movies. But the problem is, I can never remember actor's names or names of the movies. I've always been like that.

Stardom and celebrity baffle me. These days there are so many celebrities and stars who are talentless. I don't get it.

It's all about money. It's how they look or something so people pay money to see them. Guess what? They won't look that good for long 'cause they're all going to get old and wrinkled and one day they're going to die. People don't look good when they're dead. They have no color in their skin.

Would you like to talk about movies? Or talentless people? Or death? Or bigotry? Speaking of the color of your skin, people judge other people because of that. There's a lot of ignorant bigots in this world. I hate them all.

But I love everybody because I'm in love with love and people are beautiful. Life is about love and creativity.

Do you want to talk about creativity?

Do you believe in God?

If so is God a male or female and why do you think that? Do you think the world was created magically in just a few days or it took billions of years to be made? What's the purpose of it all?

I can't figure any of this out.

I'm going out to get some ice cream. Breyers. Vanilla bean One of my favorites. Simple, pure, white as the driven snow I hate so much.

Did you know it snowed last year here 3 feet and then another 3 feet on top of that a few days later? It was NUTS! This year I hope the good Lord spares us. She just ought to! She slammed us with some nasty weather last year.

Oh but I got the fireplace draft fixed finally after almost 17 years of living here. I used to have to tape plastic bags over the fireplace hole... what's it called? is it called a hole? You know... the place where you put the logs. Anyway, so last year I sprung for a really cool damper thingy with a puller cord thingy that just fwiiip!... seals the whole thing up. FWIIIPP! That's what it sounds like. Sorta like that... it just seals it so the cold air doesn't come down the flue. Because if it comes down the flue, you could get the flu and then what would you do?

Which reminds me of a poem. Do you want to hear it? Of COURSE you do!

A flea and a fly in a flue
Were imprisoned so what could they do?
Said the flea, "Let us fly!"
Said the fly, "Let us flee!"
So they flew threw a flaw in the flue.

Who wrote that? I can't remember. Lewis Carroll? Nah... He was better than that. Maybe I wrote it. Nah!... My dad taught it to me. He also taught me this poem...

I eat my peas with honey.
I've done it all my life.
It does taste kind of funny
but it keeps them on the knife.

Haha! Dad was a wit. Funny guy. And smart, too. He was a nuclear physicist. He studied quarks and shit like that. He used to shoot energy into atoms to break them up. A Particle Generator was the machine. It was called the Van der Graph machine (one of the machines he worked with), but I'm not sure if I spelled it right. He worked with lots of machines doing stuff with energy, trying to figure stuff out, why matter and energy work the way they do. He wrote a buncha papers and everything. His name was Donald. He was a PhD. Sometimes when we were kids we called him Donald Doc. :P

OK well.. that's all for now 'cause I gotta go do something else so when I get back I'll have more to talk about.

Aren't you glad? Of COURSE you are!

Steve Plonk
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » November 10th, 2010, 6:42 pm

Doreen, et al, You hit me with lots of ideas to talk about all at once.
I'll answer some questions: A male dog is called a "sire", I think.
The little ditty about peas on a knife was written by "King Lear", I think.
Since I'm not wikipedia, I don't have a clue about some things...

I've successfully trained a few dogs in my life, and have found that
cats are harder to train--except for going in the litter box. Soon, we
may be adding a little rat terrier mix dog to our three cats. It is already supposedly trained. Cats chew up and scratch up plenty also, but you
train them to use scratching posts. There are books I read about cats & dogs and they are difficult in their own ways.

I like ice cream, and I believe in God. I have certain things set in stone
in my head but sometimes my head is open like a parachute on others.
Politics, to coin a phrase, is a shell game. I have trouble finding the hidden
agenda. The more I know about the world, the more questions I have to ask.

Doreen, et al, That is a start on trying to discuss all that is in your head which you wrote down. I have trouble multi-tasking. All in good time, my lovelies, all in good time...
Remember you have the "ruby slippers" all along and know your way home.

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Re: Chat Spot

Post by stilltrucking » November 12th, 2010, 9:48 am

Ah Steve, if that is your real name as much as I disagree with you sometimes about politics and religion, I dig your poetry.

I dig chat too.
I dig studio eight
I got some stuff I would like to chat about studio eight. If you are in to it.
Chitting and chatting about studio eight

I dig cats too, dug those cat penny haiku

I am curious why neologistic deleted the that thread from his artlog.
Not complaining, I have deleted more stuff from studio eight than anyone here, just curious.

yes my lovely
my time is short

I saw that movie the first time in 1950,
I been scared of women ever since
I used to have to walk through Little Itlay in Baltimore on my way to school, walked past St Leo's Catholic church, when I saw the nuns coming towards me in those old fashioned habits I crossed the street.

Joel had a poem called Leo The Great, posted it on his birthday, also the feast day for St Leo. Jim Turner seemed to think the poem was about the astrological sign Leo. Maybe it was

I dig Joel's poetry
That cat is not an empty suit wearing a clerical collar
the real deal

lets see, what else
oh yeah Wylie Shambles I was thinking about her the other day
she said mnaz is da bomb, the best writer on studio eight I think she meant.

Yeah he makes me want to do better
so much of my sloppy writing is resentment from Litkicks.

But I am past that now.
So grateful to brooklyn for all the work he did getting those archives up again.

Gertrude Lawrence was keen on chit chat too.

thanks for starting this thread
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Steve Plonk
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » November 12th, 2010, 7:03 pm

Still truckin', et al...When I was a child, I read L. Frank Baum's books--
I really dug the movie "Wizard of OZ". I also, as an adult,
dug the "Return to OZ" movie...I am with poem:


By Steve Plonk

Coon cat was crawling in the trees
Splintered by the wind--
Waterclock rain drips its
Fine line of memory
Cry--do you cry?!
My mind is a chatroom--
Memories that should stay
Hidden in the shadows of the pines
Come like a crying cat/
Now see a glimmer--
A shaft of light
Through the splintered
Forest of Pines
0h--heard previously silent cat
Scurrying on the pines!
Meowing a thought
That was once mine!

Steve Plonk
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » November 21st, 2010, 2:27 pm

be had now and in future!

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Re: Chat Spot

Post by SadLuckDame » November 25th, 2010, 10:24 am

Here to chat to say, I like poems about cats, steve
and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.
`Do you know, I was so angry, Kitty,' Alice went on...`when I saw all the mischief you had been doing, I was very nearly opening the window, and putting you out into the snow! And you'd have deserved it, you
little mischievous darling!
~Lewis Carroll

Steve Plonk
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » November 25th, 2010, 7:21 pm

Sad Luck Dame, I'll keep those cat poems coming...glad you like them.
I am getting ready to feed my downstairs cat right now. He sits purring
beside me as I type on the keyboard. The other two cats live upstairs.
We try to separate them out because the upstairs female doesn't get along
with the younger downstairs male. Our upstairs male cat gets along with both.
All are neutered and/or spayed. They are like extra little children in the house.

Hope you and yours enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving. :) We just got back from eating out... I ate some unsweetened cherry pie for dessert which was really good.

Steve Plonk
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Re: Chat Spot

Post by Steve Plonk » November 30th, 2010, 11:22 pm

By Steve Plonk

Here ye, Here ye,
Come one, Come all,
There is a landing strip,
Down at the end of our hall...

There are benches and chairs
Next to wheres
The pilots come down in flight
From the airs--
Sometimes pilots are absent for a while,
They are out in cyberspace
I welcome all to our rotunda hall,
Near the landing strip where you will trace/

We are here living, breathing every day
We write our lines or visit here,
We are recorded for the world
Who passes by in flight,
Early in the foggy morning,
Or late in the moonlit night...
Will your craft come within our sight?

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