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ZeD - open source television

Post by Doreen Peri » September 13th, 2004, 8:31 pm


animation, film & video, spoken word, visual arts

this is a fabulous site .... similar concept to studio 8 in that it unites many genres of art ......but this is wayyyy huge and run by tv station pros... lots of excellent stuff in there
What is ZeD?

Beaming out from your TV every weeknight on CBC from 11:25 pm to 12:05 am and online all the time, ZeD is a launch pad for independent creative expression that's slipped the leash of expectation. A synapse-teasing space where the yin of the Web slips seamlessly into the yang of TV, and back again.
Thanks, judih, for posting this link over on the mools board. I can't get enough. Love it!

and thanks, Artguy, for sending judih the link....

Wish we got Canadian TV over here. If you read this post, Artguy, tell me... have you ever seen the TV show?

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Post by Artguy » September 19th, 2004, 8:36 pm

Hey Doreen...I love the web site....but the TV show sucks the big one....it's MTV north....very little visual arts or written/spoken word....almost all video and music ..........and tons of cooler than thou posturing................. :evil:

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