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Cribbage Poem

Post by Steve Plonk » May 1st, 2010, 4:16 pm

By Steve Plonk

Dad was really on a hot luck streak—

He kept getting 14 point hands and

I kept getting from 0 – 8 points.

From the beginning Dad got a commanding lead.

Even with my crib I couldn’t even pull even with him.

The cards were in his favor.

Even when I got an incredible hand—

It had to be split up to go into Dad’s crib.

The peg holes lengthened out in a one-sided horse race.

If it was a horse race, instead of cribbage, he’d

Have been ten lengths ahead on the board,

Laid out like a race track—

Finally, I had to admit I’d been skunked when

He was more than 24 points ahead. I was right.

I got skunked on our last cribbage game.

May 1998

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