Sixtieth Summer Penny Haiku, Page 5

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Sixtieth Summer Penny Haiku, Page 5

Post by Steve Plonk » August 12th, 2010, 10:22 pm

Sixtieth Summer Penny Haiku, P. 5
By Steve Plonk

Garden flowers,
At first drooped,
Now spring up
To meet the wetness...

Riverlets stream
Down the asphalt
Of our streets...

Small hail tumbles
Down mixed in
With summer rain...

Gutters fill to brim
On roof & crystal
Streams come off sides...

Drain pipes pour
Out the lifegiving
Water to soak the
Driveway & lawn...

Rain continues to
Pour for this
Half hour now,
3 pm, Monday...

Diary of minute
Events takes
Shape with showers...

Birds hunker down
In thickets & tree limbs
As storm continues...

Minutae of moments
Pass with the staccato
Of the rain...

Leaves & branches
Sway with birds
Nesting safely on limbs...

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