Caw-Caw Penny Haiku Series

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Caw-Caw Penny Haiku Series

Post by Steve Plonk » December 16th, 2010, 2:27 pm

"Caw-Caw Penny Haiku #1"
By Steve Plonk

I don't know why
Things go awry
When we mind
Our own beeswax & all--
But pesky crows keep coming
Around our parked car,
Leaving their "cawing" cards...
Eating most suet in front & side yards...

(Also posted on my topical poems: "Some Penny Haiku, Outside the Stall" p. 2, in the Poetry forum, slightly different title).

"Caw-Caw Penny Haiku #2"
By Steve Plonk

Three pairs of crows
Roosting in the trees
Waiting on the breeze
Rustling their feathers
Three pairs of crows
Waiting out the freeze
For a change in weather...

Six old crows
On a thick tree branch pose
Like they're on a tether
Six old crows
Watch flurry snow
Bunching close together...

"Caw-Caw Penny Haiku #3"
By Steve Plonk

Three old crows
Pecking in the snow
For crusts of bread
Three old crows
Flew down below
One's bobbing its head...

One of the crows
Does a little dance
Acting like a jester
Two other crows
Squabble at each other
Like a brother & sister...

Also posted on my thread "Part 2, More Penny Haiku..." in the Poetry Forum,
on January 1, 2011.

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