Top 30 Highs in Life

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Top 30 Highs in Life

Post by Scootertrash » May 14th, 2006, 4:53 am

Compiled by Big Empire

"All this information is well and good," you say, "but what's the use if it doesn't bring happiness to my miserable little life?" That's why we assembled a team of 43 psychologists, thrill seekers, doctors and dreamers, and hired David Byrne to head up their search for the greatest highs that life has to offer. Let this be your to-do list for next year and we guarantee that you'll regret nothing on your deathbed.

30. Jumping a hot rod over a river, Duke-boy style (1)
29. Watching "Head," the Monkees' movie (4)
28. Love (4)
27. Marriage (5)
26. A Baby in a baby carriage (7)
25. Four double espressos within one hour (8)
24. Being so whacked out on intoxicants you know you'll never ever be as whacked out ever again-and you haven't barfed yet (9)
23. Crack (10)
22. Going to the bathroom when you really really have to go (11)
21. Giving (12)
20. Decisively winning an argument (13)
19. Getting something big and valuable for free (15)
18. Reaching the peak of a huge mountain (19)
17. Crushed Ephedrine and whiskey on ice (20)
16. Evading the cops (20)
15. Standing up and saying, "I Can!" (23)
14. K2 (24)
13. Drinking the Alphabet (25)
12. Orgasm (25)
11. Pure Afghani heroin (25)
10. Mount Everest (26)
9. Receiving a standing ovation (26)
8. Swimming nude in a secluded mountain lake (26)
7. A girl or guy thinking you're cute (30)
6. Rocketship flights (30)
5. Hang-gliding in a gum commercial (35)
4. Spiritual enlightenment (35)
3. New pants (37)
2. Oxygen deprivation (40)
1. Being noticed by a celebrity (60)

Will you ever forget the time you saw George Clooney in the airport, and he looked right at you? Or when, years after she left Cheers and vanished from the limelight, Shelley Long came to your church to speak and you brought her cucumber sandwiches with the edges cut off and she said, "Thank you"? Being in the limelight may or may not be one of life's highs-most of us will never know-but being noticed by someone who is in the limelight will always be one of the biggest thrills one can achieve, on this planet anyway.
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Zlatko Waterman
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Post by Zlatko Waterman » December 21st, 2006, 9:37 pm

I contributed to this list on another board. Here are some of my personal ones:

-- reading ancient ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION magazines in the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Anchorage, Alaska when I was twelve. There was a pile of about 300 mags and I bought several for a nickel apiece.

--making love in the swimming pool of the Holiday Inn in Modesto, California in 1963.

--meeting Fritz Lang in 1972

--meeting and conversing repeatedly with Bernie Wrightson ( comic book artist) in 2005

--meeting poet W.S. Merwin in 1978

--reading THE INVISIBLE MAN, THE TIME MACHINE and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS again at age 61 having first read them and been delighted-- transfixed-- when I was fourteen . . .

-- discovering egg tempera as a painting medium at age 20

--publishing my first book of poetry in 1971

---getting out of my second marriage and the condominium I owned in 1980

--learning my way around Los Angeles

--retiring from teaching

( I could easily name 30 more . . .)

Thanks for supplying us with your list.

Your friend,


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Re: Top 30 Highs in Life

Post by stilltrucking » December 15th, 2020, 11:33 am

Being born
and everything between

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Re: Top 30 Highs in Life

Post by still.trucking » December 16th, 2020, 1:51 pm

my first love, puppy love
when i ran away from home to join the circus
elephant hugs
standing on the deck of a trawler 10 miles off the west coast
coming down Siskiyou pass in a 18 wheeler in the snow
first time i posted to litkicks™
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