No shitz sherlock, reprise

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No shitz sherlock, reprise

Post by stilltrucking » September 28th, 2009, 2:57 am

if not for Nietzsche I would still be a Jesus Freak
probably be in something like Jews for Jesus
nothing wrong with that
I suppose

Are you still singing a "somebdoy done somebody wrong song."

love stinks
I don't want no part of it
I am a rock.

I keep hearing different stories about The Shroud of Turin
it is a fake it is not a fake
I kind of hope it is real
jesus as a mesomorph
with the well developed muscles of a working stiff
not the skinny hippy on stick

some people love jesus so much they want to nail another jew to a tree.
me I don't have no problem with jesus
I only call on him in vain
when I am in pain
mingo tells me that the jews killed him
well it could be

Mother Mary comes to me
let it bleed let bleed
Nietzsche said there is was only ever one christ
but I think there is a Christ in each of us
a devil too.

I don't need no supernatural evil
I can find all the natural evil I need
Doreen wants to know what purpose crickets serve

I have stopped looking for purpose

Camus Camus
He is just okay with me
I pick up my cross and follow sissie puss
snaggle pus
And tweety bird
i am gone long gone sister

I want to die behind the wheel
but it will probably happen here behind this keyboard
I will keel
hit the finally key with my nose as I collapse.
I was worried about the EMS
that will probably haul my dead ass out of here
I weigh two hundred and fifty pounds
I would like to loose some weight lighten up for them

Bum bum bummer
In ever had a bum trip
just some bum afters

my tomato plant did not give me one god dam tomato this year
Nietzsche said make your life a garden
a refuge for others.
Cecil has a greener thumb than me.

it is absurd
make my meaning as I go
suicide is the only question
and I reject it so far
Sister morphine angel in green
Most people have no idea that Freud was a suicide

Nietzsche was a middle line backer for the greenn bay packers
and he said
we would sooner have the void for a purpose then be void of a purpose
Walter K says he did not have the clap
how do I know
but N. was intrigued by the idea of god on a cross.

what pisses me off more than anything is a lack of integrity
a guy who goes behind you after youj post and edits the post to try and make it seem like you are ripping him off
parroting him
the care and feeding of poets
i try to cut them some slack
some of them are so fucking vain
and so am i
nietzsche was a poet no doubt
he towers over Freud
but Freud was who my father turned to in his suffering
ah but my father knew my fears
and how to manipulate them
sometimes I can close my eyes and remember that basement with the dead rats and maggots
yes he trained me well
god I love to type
i need one of those geezer devices to call for help
help help
I am typing and I can stop

I came into her daughters life like a karmic shit storm
Silent woman had to move across the country to get away from me
I tried to cling to her
never was a man more pussy whipped than me

He daughter would not have died in that crash on that mountain pass in calfironia if not for me
I imagine her other daughter will walk on my grave and piss on it.

I would like to be burried at sea

speaking of marriages and adultry how many american school girls are saving their baby sitting money so they buy a ticket to england so they can piss on ted hughe's grave.
poor man
she wanted a man she could not control
but he turned out to be agememnon
two wives murdered by their own hand
and one child murdered by her mother

But his daughter loves him
as a loving father

I keep no schedule
I sit and type like this is a thousaand mile overnighter

Gimme that old time religion
it was good enough for Einstein and its good enough for me

Silent woman
LSD is such an exquisite aphrodisiac
she had to go off the pill every six months as per doctors orders
let herself have one period to let her complex reproductive system get bakc to order. no idea what the pills are like to day but back then they were way more powerful than they needed to be, I have heard that birth control pills today are much easier on a woman's body
so anyway
it was my job to hang onto that condum and I failed her

she was off the pill but we had just seen the movie called The Trip peter fonda et al.
and she wanted to try it.
and it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had
I think she had a good time too
oh well
I blissed out and stayed too long lost the condom in her
yes it was a sweet sweet fuck
but hardly worth the cost to her
when her "perfect lover turned into a perfect fool"

yeah she was surprised and how much the fetus looked just like a tiny tiny little baby

I am going to hell
my only hope is that Adolph h*tler will look down on me from heaven and offer me a beer

I like how that works out
damned in the after life

Nietzsche said there is no redemption
When she was a beautiful kid of 14, she had such an older sister jaded tolerant attitude toward her younger sister's Naiveté. When the little one would have a profound insight, as if a piece of her budding nervous system got synapped into maturity. When the little one had her aha moments, Deb would say to her "no shit sherlock."
So now over thirty years since I last saw you, I call out your name.
As if you were still alive.

I passed through Santa Barbara a lot, I always thought of calling you. One day I did. Your room mate said you were in Virginia looking for me.

And when I got home, jitterbug told me you had been there asking about me.

Fate put you on that fatal mountain pass.
All I got are but, but, buts
If I had not come into your mother's life like a karmic shit storm
You woulcoud maybe had a happier longer life.

Yep Nietzsche is right
no redemption

Kerouac believed that he could redeem himself through his novels.
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"And one is One, free in the tearing wind." ROETHKE ... shit+storm

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Post by SadLuckDame » September 28th, 2009, 7:35 am

My best read to date was Demon by Fyodor Dostoevsky in route back home on the greyhound bus. Wild emotions may have heightened the intensity, but I can't figure out why everyone gushes so much about Brothers Karamazov when there is Demons.

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Post by SadLuckDame » September 28th, 2009, 8:02 am

Are you still singing a "somebdoy done somebody wrong song."
you don't know me at all then
no, the only thing I remember saying is some stuff entirely different.
And I'm tired of being done right sometimes
it loses value, it loses authenticity, it has no guts and can't be trusted in its constant form.
Maybees what you mean about praise

I also mentioned about the whore
I didn't know what a whore was when I was young
but hearing her story I wanted to be her
I'm chasing a dragon
I got her tail between my teeth
I want to devour her
wish I knew what happened to the whore after-wards
and didn't mention anything about her becoming sinless
I'd like to know

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Post by stilltrucking » September 28th, 2009, 7:28 pm

you don't know me at all then
Of course i do not know you. I just asked a guestion. do you know me?

I have not had time to digest the rest of the words in your reply, roll them around in my enteric brain. But that bit just jumped out at me.

one edit because first thought was not best thought

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Post by tinkerjack » October 6th, 2009, 4:11 am

free rice
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I used to be smart

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