Creative juices flowing. I love my sh*t.

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Creative juices flowing. I love my sh*t.

Post by gypsyjoker » November 3rd, 2005, 1:19 pm

Beige days
Beige universe
Wrong science
Peer review
Scientific method
Intelligent design
Ah yes we must not forget common sense
High brow people loose their sanity
I ain’t
I am superstitious
But have you ever had an electric fart?
One with juice behind it?
Getting ready to go to N Berlin and ride my bike
And I hear my mother say, don’t forget to wear clean underwear just in case there is an accident and they have to take you to the hospital. Dam this is a tough thing to decide, right now I am leaning towards go as I am because I think I have jinxed myself. But would it really matter if I had clean underwear
Free Rice
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'Blessed is he who was not born, Or he, who having been born, has died. But as for us who live, woe unto us, Because we see the afflictions of Zion, And what has befallen Jerusalem." Pseudepigrapha

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