Grizzly Bear Man

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Grizzly Bear Man

Post by Scootertrash » February 8th, 2006, 12:14 am

Alright--you've seen Grizzly, comes

Grizzly BEAR man: ... 4967348088
Check One:
_Yes, I would like to receive information on Nigerian Oil Investments
_Yes, I would like to receive information on pyramid and triangle-based investment opportunities

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Post by stilltrucking » February 8th, 2006, 1:08 am

The circus I drove the elephant truck for had a bear that rode an old pre-world war two Harley. After the show people would come back stage and want to buy that Harley from the owner. They would make him some great offers, but there was no way he could sell it- because he would have to retrain the bear to ride a new motor cycle. Of all the animals in that circus that bear scared the hell out of me. Worse than the tigers. Because when he was on the Harley he looked almost human, uncanny. .

I take that back about the bear, the one animal that scared me most was Joyce the bug eyed elephant. In her part of the show she paraded around the center ring with a lion riding on her back. She was pretty well padded so the lion did not hurt her but it made her spooky scared. Her eyes were always bugged out with fear. She had killed one groom and I never turned my back on her when I was working around her. We worked a lot of Shrine circuses and those guys know how to party. She punched out a lot of drunken shriners and she nailed me a couple of times. It is really interesting how they throw punches. They curl their trunks up under their chins and last out with them like blowing into one of those curled up party favors. She hit me on twice before I hit the ground.

Oh well, so much for animal tails.
Pretty funny movie, kind of how I felt too. I have heard the interview with Herzog on NPR a couple of times and it reminded me of Willie Nelson. He got 50 bucks for the Patsy Cline song Crazy. He said that he originally called the song Stupid. Stooopid for still loving you, but Crazy was more euphonious. I was thinking about you today when I was posting something about getting flamed on litkicks. I remember telling perezoso that you never know where a kind word might come from ... i-news-hed

Apparently he stopped taking good care of his animals. When I worked for him he seemed to care. about them. That was back in 1974 when I had run away from home to join the circus at the tender age of thirty three. Have you ever fucked a black widow spider?

Perezoso was right about me I can't write. You can.
How come you don't post no more of your writting here, or have I missed it? Never mind I will check it out. I don't like going to litkicks anymore it creeps me out. I have to sneak in through the archives. I used to like your stuff about what's his face. If that was you. Hell I can't keep up with user names. I used to think pelerine was jamelah. I got about six of them here, but I don't try to hide behind any of them. In fact I deliberately make it obvious who I am. As if I could hide my style, if you call this spontaneous gibberish style.

The saddest animal in the circus was Raging Cajun the tiger. He used to be the mascot for LSU football team. They had declawed him but butchered the job. He was in constant pain. Could not stand to put any weight on his front paws. He would constantly shift from paw to paw roaring in agony.

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