Evil Women, The Abomination, ain't they all.

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Evil Women, The Abomination, ain't they all.

Post by Diana Moon Glampers » February 21st, 2006, 10:42 am

I been trying not to Asphyxiate on the word Abomination.

I been fixating on asphysiation and abominations and Bourgeoisie . Three words I love because they are rock and roll to me.

That Hebrew bible so full of pardoxes.

I hear a smart man say that the bible is like the Norton Anthology of Literature. Now there is a man who must be a college professor. Too many days standing at his podium. Well the how the bible exists in the mind of a few enlightened intellectuals is not the question. You know that, I know that, even the liars who manipulate the True Believers know that. Facts don't count here. We are dealing with irrational masses. The ones who hold our destiny in their grubby little hands. That big hump in the middle of the bell courve, we are all of us in some ways part of that hump, we the readers of good books, shit call it what it is
that hump is the Bourgeoisie

I we got this dick head preachers raking in the dough and stoking up the flames to keep their undead voting in mass to swing the next election to the party of The Lord's Army.

And the Jews cast down the abomination on the mountain tops. Paraphrase of Joseph Campbell Love And THe Goddess.

Mother mary sings of an answer
An Answer to Job I suppose

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