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Post by constantine » May 26th, 2012, 12:18 pm

i've been up and down the coast
from one cheezy burg to the next
listening to waitresses dishing out
mumbo jumbo by the plateful
tuesday's special - half-priced what not
whenever they want to serve up some cheap
crapolla, they call it comfort food
just like momma used to make after last night's drunk
can it babe, can it and send it on down the road
beep-beep, comprende?
she calls it a crab cake - i don't think so
a shitball of breadcrumbs welded together
with mayo and deep fried in some grease vat
that i wouldn't use on a rusty hinge
get the fuck out of here
like i just flew in from omaha
or butte fucking montana where they don't know
a crab cake from a refried hunk of cow shit
so i figured i'd order a greek salad
what i got was a bowl of wilted tired-ass lettuce
with a olive stuffed like a hooker on the rag
i thought i was going to puke, but
they'd probably slop it in a bowl
and re-sell it as hungarian goulash or some shit
i wasn't going to do them any favors
so i blew that joint and called it quits

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Re: diner

Post by mnaz » January 14th, 2019, 10:24 pm

Nice. "Down-home" shit. Miss ya, Dino. Enjoyin' your book.

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