Here's What I Think!!!!

Animal Welfare Issues.
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Dave The Dov
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Here's What I Think!!!!

Post by Dave The Dov » September 19th, 2004, 7:05 am

The meat eaters and the vegetarians can live side by side. :D
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Post by AQuestion » July 26th, 2005, 6:06 am

oooh...I don't know...

oooh oooh
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Post by abcrystcats » December 14th, 2005, 2:33 am

Here's what I think -- NOW.

I think it doesn't matter.

Being a vegetarian because you don't believe animal death is necessary for human life is a Don Quixote cause. We've proved that we DON'T depend on meat for survival. Large sections of the human population have easily adapted to a vegetarian lifestyle over a few generations. It's no big deal. Certain individuals may struggle with it, but if vegetarianism is consistently advocated and adapted by a group of people, then within a few generations, it becomes the norm.

But humans are self-absorbed. We don't do what is best. We do what is expedient. We are selfish. We do what is best for us.

We will relentlessly do what is best for US, regardless of the consequences.

We will exterminate other groups of animals. We don't care. The animals we feel like eating, we'll enslave. We'll make them suffer to provide meat for our tables. We'll adopt a few as "pets" and those animals will live well.

We're ruthless.

We ought to be better. We're the sentient ones. We're the chosen ones who have the superior brains, and supposedly the superior compassion, but we don't use it. We don't give a damn. We care about US.

There might be a few people who believe in some better destiny for humans,but we're fools. We believe in a better image of men, and it can never be.

I'll wait out my life and when it ends, I'll be glad. I'm sorry that I was born into this race of conscious monsters. If I had to be a monster, why couldn't I be a natural one? Like a cat. Why did I have to be born into a species that had choices, conscious choices, and voluntarily picked the wrong ones?

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