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The NYC Cat Rescue

Post by abcrystcats » April 14th, 2006, 11:19 pm

Thought I'd post this story for everyone's amusement.

When I moved into my rental house in Parker two years ago, one or two of my cats made forays into the unfinished walls of the house via the laundry room. I did my best to keep them out and was finally successful, but during the most terrifying escapade, my long haired Mitzi was missing for hours. I called and called. I put out tasty wet food. No luck. I heard her rustling around in the walls on the second floor and I burst into tears. I thought for sure I'd lose her forever.

She finally did emerge, in the late afternoon, as if nothing unusual had happened.

Sometimes they just come out.

But if a bunch of people are knocking on the walls and calling and making a big ruckus, no chance. The cat will stay hidden in the dark place out of self-protection.

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