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Post by abcrystcats » February 6th, 2007, 12:59 am

This started happening on Saturday, and I am so happy that I am writing to every website I know to announce it.

Maybe I am overreacting, but so what?

Nefer, the cat that ripped my fingernail off and produced permanent scars in my dermis a year and a half ago, has suddenly decided that I am an OK human!

Without any persuasion from me, she has gradually come to the conclusion that my bed -- made or unmade -- is the place to be. That part has happened over months, and I have not gotten too excited about it, but this WEEKEND she not only decided to slumber on the bed while I was in it and conscious, she also decided to accept pets on her body and her HEAD -- I even scratched her neck!!

I am so excited! The best part of this is that she is an adult cat -- about 3 years old -- and I haven't worked with her hardly at all. Certainly not recently. I gave up on her when we moved to Colorado. I figured I'd missed the imprinting window and may as well just accept that she was going to hate me into her teens. Well, I was DEAD WRONG -- and nothing makes me happier! She just made the effort to come to ME.

The best part is that I saw her fighting the urge to dart off the bed when I was petting her. She was resisting her own instincts. I suppose I could have accredited that to laziness the first time, but not the second time. The second time she found the bed knowing full well that I was there too. She got close to me, just like before, and allowed even more physical contact than she did the first time around.

Do you see how this makes sense? ANIMALS MAKE DECISIONS. I did not talk her into this. I did not bribe her, cajole her, or force her. She is doing it on her own and she is fighting some of her own feelings to make it happen. She wants a relationship. She could have had food and care all along without the contact ... I had resigned myself to that. She is moving towards me.

I am so excited about this. Nefer was the very last cat on my list for this kind of thing ....

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