Why Cats Paint -- IS THIS A HOAX?

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Why Cats Paint -- IS THIS A HOAX?

Post by abcrystcats » February 8th, 2007, 10:59 pm

What do you think? You've seen the books, the calendars, the website ....


Is it true? Are people REALLY paying hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars (one cat painting allegedly sold for 22K) for acrylic abstracts painted by .... CATS?

I don't know what to think ....

If true, it's quite tempting. I have many cats, and some are fairly imaginative, if not creative. If I could get just ONE to PAINT ... think of all the vet bills I could manage. Dental for 11 cats is no small article.

I am building fantasies of 11 well cared-for cats living in a much larger home than the one we have.

Well .... what do you think? Is this a monstrous hoax? A joke generating income only for a few fortunate? Or do people REALLY pay for cat paintings? I admit, they're pretty, but I am no judge of abstract human art, let alone feline.

I could teach Katy to paint. She's pretty smart, loves mischief, strips the caulking off the bathtub in order to chew it. She's always seeking amusement .... painting would be a great outlet for her.

Opinions sought.


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