The Cenacle | 75 | October 2010 *just released*

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The Cenacle | 75 | October 2010 *just released*

Post by Cenacle » November 7th, 2010, 6:01 pm

The Cenacle | 75 | October 2010
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Hello everyone,

The last Cenacle to issue fully from New England was issue 46 | June 2001. I can say that this new issue is a proud return to the area. Full issue contents include:

• Interview with poet Martina Newberry, & a selection of her poetry
• New poetry by Ric Amante, Zannemarie Lloyd Taylor, Judih Haggai, & myself
• Fiction by Horse Lampner
• My fixtion Labyrinthine
• My regular pieces “From Soulard’s Notebooks” & (newly re-minted) “Notes from New England”, plus a new chapter of Secret Joy Amongst These Times: The History of Scriptor Press
• Charles Shaw’s essay “Born Illegal: Alexander Shulgin’s Psychedelic ‘Children’”
• plus cover & interior artwork by KD & myself

We hope you enjoy this issue. Also, consider becoming a contributor--write to me at


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Re: The Cenacle | 75 | October 2010 *just released*

Post by judih » November 8th, 2010, 12:13 am

i like this issue very much (including the fact that Martina Newberry's work is included). Love the black&white photog - just the right touch of edgy stark autumn feel.
Enjoying the work of Zannemarie, as well. Great addition to the Cenacle.

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