The Cenacle | 94 | October 2015 *Just Released*

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The Cenacle | 94 | October 2015 *Just Released*

Post by Cenacle » November 11th, 2015, 2:11 pm

The Cenacle | 94 | October 2015
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Hello everyone,

Here comes the just-released Cenacle  | 94 | October 2015. It is an issue I started work on back in the summer, writing six pieces in all for the issue, more than I have, but a new standard I plan on continuing to follow. The contributors are all great returning writers with new pieces. And for graphics, there are the many great visual stylings by Kassi S. It’s a great issue, and below find some luring samples from its pages.

The new issue’s contents include:   

Poetry by Joe Coleman:
The soul should soar.
The steady eye in stretching sky
watches dreams be dashed and die.
Falling is what flight is for.

Poetry by Judih Haggai:
after your visit
emptiness glow
silent orchestra

Poetry by Martina Newberry:
Sand grasses, each blade its own chieftain,
fog winding around their tops.
It’s a kind of enchantment, you see that?

Poetry by Colin James:
If there were more competition,
I’d be out of business,
but my hot dog stand
is doing well down here.

Classic Poetry by Walt Whitman:
It avails not, neither time or place—distance avails not;
I am with you, you men and women of a generation, or ever so many generations hence;
I project myself—also I return—I am with you, and know how it is.

Poetry by Raymond Soulard, Jr.:
Mind is Will. I had to learn how to live
alone, but amongst many others.
The Creatures can talk but they
rarely do. We nap together, we often
hmmmmmm, & some full moons we howl
like the dark heart of ever’s bursting.

Travel Journal by Nathan D. Horowitz:
[Sample] As soon as I cross the border into the southern lands, though, I’m a spiritual seeker studying indigenous thought, which is a perfectly acceptable social category. My gringo-hood lends credibility to the indigenistas, who are able to say, “Look, even gringos value our cosmovisión.” Thus, my position is stronger here than it is up north.

Travel Journal by Charlie Beyer:
[Sample] I’m last in line. Calculating the people in front, we’ll get our car around midnight. Warm breezes waft in and out of the building, scented with the aroma of some obscure flower. Puffy clouds play around a waxing moon. Strange and delightful birdcalls come out of the dark from somewhere. I feel irritated to have been crushed with humanity at 50,000 feet all day, but the atmosphere outside is heavenly.

How the Warlocks Passed the Acid Tests [Interview with Ken Babbs]:
[Sample] All the Pranksters—all 14 of us—were living at Kesey’s place in La Honda. Then on Saturday nights we would show it, but it would get too crowded, messy and awful, and we would have to clean up the next day. So we started renting these halls and we called it “The Acid Test: Can You Pass The Acid Test?”

Labyrinthine [a new fixtion] by Raymond Soulard, Jr.:
[Sample] It’d happened before but not like this, not even close. A football game. You know, the kind you watch on Sunday afternoons on the TV, maybe 4 or 5 of your buddies & a case of beer, two. I don’t. I watch them alone, get some fast food burgers & a bag of onion rings, a diet Coke so big it needs its own zip code & town hall—you know—

Bags End Book #3: Bags End is Illegal [fiction] by Algernon Beagle:
[Sample] Trouble, trouble, trouble, always nothing but trouble in Bags End. Now Bags End is a illegal fantasyland. I am not even supposed to write Bags End News, but Sheila told me that Iggy or no Iggy the Inspector, Bags End was gonna get back to things as usual.

Fahrenheit, Electricity, and a Flexible Flyer [fiction] by Tom Sheehan:
[Sample] She is more than Fahrenheit, she is electric, not the lightning kind that will blast you hither and yon, but wired, the connections to all of me, my eyes bright and seeing the stars mirrored in the river, almost where they belong, bucket-spilled or tossed across the sky above Vinegar Hill, above all of Saugus—

History of Scriptor Press by Raymond Soulard, Jr.:
[Sample] When I think of The Cenacle, & what it is to me, so many years doing it, I think: it’s news. My news. The news of my friends, near & far. It is now a quarterly journal, has been since 2008, which structures somewhat what it can & cannot be.

Notes from New England by Raymond Soulard, Jr.:
[Sample] I climb & climb & finally arrive to a doorway & enter. No books in sight. It’s a party. A room covered in portraits of pretty Creatures: crooked smiling Dalmatian; big brown-eyed little bear; a purple-spotted shiny-eyed leopard kitty; a little black & white pandy bear in a red & orange skirt; a brown & white beagle puppy; & a long-eared White Bunny.

From Soulard’s Notebooks: Letter to President Barack Obama:
[Sample] But I’ll be watching you as you begin your last year in office. Will you arrive to 2016 high on the hopes raised at the Paris Climate Summit? Will you push on with it, staking your presidential capital on this most crucial of matters? Will you press the Democratic Party & its chosen candidate to commit to the fight at their 2016 convention?

Please post comments to thread or email me directly at


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Re: The Cenacle | 94 | October 2015 *Just Released*

Post by judih » November 11th, 2015, 11:10 pm

looks good, Ray
I love the flipbook format online

and the content!

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Re: The Cenacle | 94 | October 2015 *Just Released*

Post by Cenacle » November 12th, 2015, 7:29 am

The flipbook is via Nice site. There are hundreds of periodicals there. Worth a look :)

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