The Water's Daughter

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the mingo
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The Water's Daughter

Post by the mingo » September 13th, 2023, 1:53 am

I saw the water's daughter
with an ark in her arms
she was going to see her farmer father
who was blonde all his life
til his hair fell out
she set the ark on the porch
saying Daddy! Daddy! come quick!
but he was down in the well
thinking 'bout the probes up on Mars
and the tracks they left behind
in the Martian dust
Launch the Lawn! he thought to himself just Launch the Lawn!
then her Mother of the gothic spark
opened the screen door and said
O hawk! O heart! what have you got there?
what psalm of the open sea?
now come inside & wash your hands
while I stall the stars over all this land
that night as everyone slept
water daughter speared the moon
a swamp appeared on the lawn
and far to the north
a new ice age began
Doll, you may have found a place of rest but I'm still on the trail.

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Re: The Water's Daughter

Post by judih » September 13th, 2023, 4:42 am

a new age couldn’t have picked a better time!

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Re: The Water's Daughter

Post by stilltrucking » September 28th, 2023, 11:06 pm

thank you for the poem. :D feel like I am on very thin ice over deep waters when I post on Dooren's most treasured board on Studio Eight. I know jacks__t about poetry , even so I know it when I read it. 8)

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