Birthday readin!

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Birthday readin!

Post by hester_prynne » June 3rd, 2010, 2:21 am

Birthday reading for my 57th birthday is as follows:

1. Judgement
2. 10 of Pentacles
3. 6 of Cups
4. 10. of Cups
5. 10 of Wands
6. Ace of Pentacles
7. Hermit
8. 7 of Wands
9. Knight of Cups
10. Hanged Man
There it is. The Ace of Pentacles and the Hanged Man speak strongly to me in this reading. Ace of Pentacles in the position of now or soon to be, Hanged Man, the outcome. Ace of pentacles is about inventions, new ventures, Hanged Man is strength/ go with the flow.
Yeah man.
Your interpretations are welcome.
H 8)
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