Dry Streaming... the past has never passed

Poetic insight & philosophy by Cecil Lee.

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Dry Streaming... the past has never passed

Post by mtmynd » June 9th, 2019, 4:15 pm


i was told to open
and when i did
i found i wasn't
… a door
… a window
… a gate
i found by opening
that i came to full bloom
only to wither on the vine

i was told to open
and found i had no choice
that opening was growth
that couldn't be ignored
so now that i'm open
the breeze of life
just blows me off
like i wasn't there
or here or where
in the fuck am i
now that i am open?

now that i'm open
i've vanished
absorbed into the ethers
just mumbling memories
are all that remains
mulch for tomorrows breath
fodder for futures foolishness
feasted upon thru those
aching to open their selves
only to meet the same
romance of being a part

open - apart
at one - with none
behave - behalf
... be no thing
... be every thing
... open up
... open
o pen you write
you right you wrong
never an answer
always eternal
when i open
and open i do
my windows no longer
a glimpse or a view
my door is wide open
but i'm more than that
a house of cards
where the joker
splits the deck
my gates are flung open
and now i am free

free of the words
that corral my ideas
free of the thoughts
that cripple my pleas
free to be what i are
free to be beyond the far

yes open
outta the shell
... free from heaven
... free from hell

and no no one understands
now that i am open and free
they cower and stare
and thank their gods
that they are not like me.

Cecil B. Lee
Allow not destiny to intrude upon Now

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Re: Dry Streaming... the past has never passed

Post by stilltrucking » June 9th, 2019, 9:08 pm

thank you 8)

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Re: Dry Streaming... the past has never passed

Post by judih » June 10th, 2019, 1:35 am

open, expand
life in its newest incarnation

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