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Sunday Stream (S8 - 294) :: Absolute

Post by mtmynd » January 5th, 2020, 2:44 pm


Life includes the approachment of death, altho this word 'death' is a cold one, isn't it? As if death were that darkman that lies in the shadows, anxiously awaiting to steal ones body and do the unspeakable with it. His dark hollowed eyes patiently staring at the weakening body, like vultures in the Serengeti awaiting their next meal from the last breaths of the wildebeest.

But the reality is death is the rebirth of life. No longer is the body necessary to carry out its potentiality that it was given at birth, we play our part accordingly, whether we are consciously aware of it or not...we live for an allotted time to either do what we are meant to do or ignore that same tribulation., then our task ends, our body put to rest to dissolve into the matter world to feed the perpetuality of existence.

It is the purity of consciousness that fuels the reason for living, an obscure and abstract reasoning that has left philosophers and religionists debating for eons as to the ultimate answer to the question: "Why are we here?" But the answer is found beyond the mind. The mind merely interprets the experience once the answer is found.

To question such is to try to fit the vastness of existence into our minds. Living is beyond the game play of logic and reasoning...those being just an aspect of the entirety. The old adage that 'the older I become the less I truly know' is coming to grips with this amazing phenomenon of life. We come to realize that it is not important why we are here, but accept that we are here. Once we completely accept simply being here we grow, we experience a transformation within that allows us to enjoy this gift of living, this gift of life. No longer struggling with our minds to understand, we can simply walk the earth and enjoy its beauty.

This simple acceptance opens up new channels within us. We can experience the love of life that surrounds our mind, that cradles our mind-fears, our mind-logic, our mind-analyzations...we touch upon the godliness of life that allows us to be free from our conditionings that we grew up with for our personal survival to fit into our family, our community, our country. But seeking even further growth beyond these survival techniques allow us ever more freedom to truly know ourselves. These preliminary conditionings are stepping stones so we may reproduce successfully, raise our offspring learn our early growth when our hormones demand of us what we simply call 'sex.'

We are brought into the world thru sex, we participate in sex while living, and the greatest orgasm should be the finality of our earthly existence. I don't necessarily mean we should be screwing our heads off if we are elderly and weak, (that would be a great fantasy for some), but we should be able to leave this plane of existence with the same propulsion of an orgasm - the ultimate release of our creative energies spewing into the cosmos, reuniting with all of existence... our godly freedom to experience the ultimate in love.

But as I've felt for years, we are evolutionary, we the hu'man being continues to evolve. We learn more about ourselves each generation. We pass on our knowledge to each generation. We continue to progress thru time to become our Self. Someday we will learn to leave this world without pain, without guilt, without fear. Someday we will look forward to the inner message that our time is approaching an end and not fear it. Someday we will come to realize that there is no death, but a continuing cycle of birth, life, regeneration...for matter needs rest, matter needs change, matter is the ultimate reality that resides in Truth, and it is Truth that is Pure Consciousness which is never-ending, never changing... Absolute. To embrace the Absolute is the most godly experience of mankind, and someday we will all come to realize this before our 'death' to enrich our lives and those around us.

Be not satisfied
as just a seed
Be not satisfied
as just a stalk
Be not satisfied
as just a leaf
But continue to grow
into a flower
for this is where
our essence lies

Cecil B. Lee
(written 1/26/03)
Allow not destiny to intrude upon Now

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