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Sunday Stream (S8-296) :: Wonder

Post by mtmynd » May 17th, 2020, 12:41 pm


"I really don't give a damn about the misery of the world. I take it for granted. What I want is to open up. I want to know what is inside me. I want everybody to open up. I'm like an imbecile with a can-opener in his hand, wondering where to begin - to open up the earth. I know that underneath the mess everything is marvelous. I'm sure of it. I know it because I feel so marvelous myself most of the time. And when I feel that way everybody seems so marvelous... everybody and everything... even pebbles and pieces of cardboard... a matchstick lying in the gutter... anything... a goat's beard, if you like. That's what I want to write about... and then we're all going to see clearly, see what a staggering, wonderful, beautiful world it is." - Henry Miller, author

Communications begins with the spark of wonder... an urging to know, know some thing, about... any thing. Wonder arises out of looking and seeing... observance, focusing upon the nature of what we are intense in watching, looking, calculating facts that we have gleaned from our observances. We are each drawn to differences... search parties seeking out answers in all parts of the world and beyond, to write about, to document, to learn from... mankind's evolution.

It is these facts that go into our memory banks... our information centers, libraries of what we want/need to know. We assimilate/digest the knowledge gained and we mold ourselves into what we have fed our mind. We respond to that which we have programmed ourselves by our wonder being fulfilled. Each of us assimilating these known facts into new forms, new ideas, new philosophies, new ways to see the old. We polish our lens of perception to view reality more clearly. The wonder becomes sharper and sharper, more in focus to better understand. Thru our religions and philosophies, thru our politics and armies, we end up defining that which we have learned into fortresses that defend any further growth.

We are what we know. What we know should not stop with only that. We become that which we learn. We learn that which we wonder. We wonder in why's. Why's become whysdom. Wizdom. Whee! Liberation!

Liberation from Mind and its eternal questioning. Where the spirit of Love is the Final Embrace. Answer your questions and set yourself free. Set your questions aside and observe the wonders.

Man needs Wonder to evolve... the freedom to Wonder, to observe and share, to experiment with the Earth, to know our surroundings. We are aliens to a degree, living freshly upon Earth's crust, like children in a big sandbox... anxiously exploring this strange and wondrous place. Look at all Earth has nourished ever since science as shown. This one isolated planet within, not only our own solar system, but on the edge of the entirely known universe. In the context of numbers and percentages, there is more to life than what we have learned. Our wonder leads us to the new, the new is what is now... when do we stop?

As long as Earth continues to provide the environment that sustains Life, Life will continue to exist upon this planet. Maybe not Homo Erectus (Man with Erection), but something will 'live', and therefore continue Life. (probably roaches. damn those things are ancient!)

Mankind hasn't lived upon ths planet very long. Our wonder is still fresh. Our quest for knowledge, our questionings, our passion for investigating, analyzing, assimilating questions into facts, computing... is still in the adolescent stage (at most, I sometimes conclude), and we have not yet matured into our full potential. Collectively mankind has certainly left signs of its presence. The 20th Century was extremely productive for mankind's hunger for knowledge. It also left tools to learn even more.

The more we learn, the more full we become. There is a balance that must be achieved. We must learn that we are creatures of duality, just as our World is the product of duality. We must balance out our lives by 'emptying our minds'... not go stupid. If we don't know our limits, we become imbalanced, and this imbalance causes dis-ease. When our circuits of energy, our chi, our flow of energy is dammed (damn!), the flow is not running freely. It could be just a little branch in the stream of chi. But that branch will stop another branch and the flow will begin to get more plugged. Meditation can remove the branches. We balance our minds and spirit by 'emptying the mind"... not spilling its contents, but not filling it with anything more (for awhile)... fasting from questions, fasting from knowledge, seeing Mind as simply a tool for physical survival.

We will evolve into full potential. At least that is the ideal that Mankind struggles for, surviving the dualities of Life to grow, to mature into our full potential. Our own personal full potential and mankind's full potential.

The Planet sustains Life and has for millions of years. Our alien-ness springs from our wonder of what is really here, what is life, what is the purpose.

In balance with our Self we will come to realize that Life for Mankind is the same Life that courses thru the veins of all of Nature. Nature is the Mother of Matter, recycling itself thru the evolution of atomic energy assuming new forms, uniqueness, each form, even tho it carriers it's parental genes, assumes Newness, individuality... it's own part to play in the continuum of existence.

Our purposes may at times seem meaningless, but meaningless is but the flip side of meaningful. When we expect too much out of our ego and come up 'short', our minds review the scenario and looks for ways to prevent the same mistake from happening again. We want to be meaningful to some one at least. We're duality types... we are attracted to mates, to partners, to society, to culture... we are a collective group just like any life form out there. We relate to each other thru communications... beget by wonder.





go slow
go fast
don't be

no mind


Cecil B. Lee
Allow not destiny to intrude upon Now

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