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February announcement

Post by e_dog » February 20th, 2005, 5:13 am

The Anti-Academy is taking spring break early this year, in the winter, due to chaotic breakdown of the central nervous system.

Midterms have been abolished. Feel free to loot the library for information (and outformation) in my absense but if you get caught, it's strait to the whipping post.

Will return at full steam in about a week and a half, give or take a week or two, with a margin of error of approximately one to five days but no more than a fortnight or three. Unless i get stopped at the border of unreason and subjected to a reasonble arrest of psychic development, in which case i will do a sit down strike of indefinite duration, at least for a few seconds because my legs ache.

Buy bye and farewell.
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Doreen Peri
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Post by Doreen Peri » February 20th, 2005, 1:30 pm


you're a gem... funny stuff ....

enjoy your hiatus .... we'll miss ya! :)

Is it ok if we debate the value of art in here while you're gone?

In my opinion, much of it is worthless, and much more of it isn't art at all and that's what makes it worthless, but much of it is invaluable and priceless, too, which is the problem because then it becomes a matter of sorting through the rubbish to find the gems, but then again, that's no problem, probably, because there are so few gems, it shouldn't be difficult at all, except for the fact that there's an abundance of absolutely priceless art, as I just mentioned a moment ago but let me ask you this.... if it's priceless, does that mean it has no value?

Think about all this while you're gone. I can wait for your answer while I think of more questions.

Thank you.

Peace out.

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