Bodily Fluids: An Applied "Is that Art?" Question

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Bodily Fluids: An Applied "Is that Art?" Question

Post by e_dog » October 26th, 2004, 11:19 pm

Heard on the evening news a couple months ago about someone sending a series of pieces of artwork to a number of big name museums. Don't recall exactly what they were depicting but in any case they arrived anonymously with a card saying that the artist had used his own semen mixed in with the paint as a symbolic tribute to the power of the biological sciences. not clear whether he really did use semen in the painting. obviously, the man is a genius, a sick genius no doubt. (i said 'man' but do we even know if it was a man? if the artist were a female feminist, it'd be doubly ingenius because ironic.) the news people called it terrorism and the critics probably agreed. and it is of course a public health hazard if bodily fluids are used as an artistic mediun, but damn if that doesn't have a kind of dadaist-surrealist charm to it?!

(Haven't seen any follow up on this story but if anybody has seen further stories, please post the links.)

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