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Cut and Paste

Post by stilltrucking » September 25th, 2006, 11:36 pm

The Denial of Death Ernest- Becker

Psychology and Religion:
What Is The Heroic Individual?

If there is any science man really needs it is the
the one I teach, of how to occupy properly that
place in creation that is assigned to man, and how
to learn from it what one must be
in order to be a man.
~Immanuel Kant


Keirkegaard had his own formula for what it means to be a man. He put it forth in those superb pages wherein he describes what he calls "the knight of faith"


The Limits of Human Nature

In our earlier discussion of what is possible for man, we said that a person is stuck with his character, that he can't evolve beyond it or without it. If there is a limit to what man can be; we now also must conclude that there is a limit even to what religious therapy can do for him. But the psychotherapeutic religionists are claiming just the opposite: that the life force can miraculously emerge from nature, can transcend the body it uses as a vehicle for the emergence of something totally new, a vehicle, that can be transcended by a new form of human life. Many of leading figures in modern thought slip into some such mystique, some eschatology of immanence in which the insides of nature will erupt in a new being, Jung wrote such an argument in his Answer to Job; the answer to the laments of Job was that man's condition would not always be the same because a new man would break out of the womb of creation. Erich Fromm once lamented (33) That is a wonder that more people not insane, since life is such a terrible burden; and then he went on to write a book with the title: You Shall be as Gods. Gods verging on insanity one must assume.

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