Colony Road

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Colony Road

Post by Michael » February 19th, 2005, 1:54 am

Listen if you’d like.

The sweet and gentle smile
that you smile all the while
while your soul is on trial
makes your mind mixed and riled,
but you’re feeling fine
while you lose your mind.

You think that you have friends,
but you see your friendship ends
when the friends you have pretend
that they have no time to spend
and you feel all alone,
but it’s all your own.

You’re not to blame
for all the shame
glued to your name,
theirs are the same.

You don’t recall the date
and you feel it’s getting late
and there’s something that can’t wait
and you’ve got to get it straight
‘cause it’s been too long
that you’ve been wrong.

Life seems unfair,
but it’s still there
and you’ve been there,
but you don’t care.

Your smile turns to a frown
and your up turns to a down
and you’re ready to leave town
‘cause there’s nothing good around,
but you have to stay
for another day.

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