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Post by Michael » March 19th, 2005, 1:33 am

No longer available for listening.

Said he heard some conversation
to destroy his reputation,
can’t take degradation anymore.
When the time came to convince them,
they just turned and wouldn’t listen
and left, leaving their mark on his door.

Not understanding their inference,
he still says it makes no difference,
looks for ways to know what to conceive.
Even now, rumor rules their day.
It’s the reason for the way they
live their lives and for what they believe.

One night, at the bar and grill,
while trying to pay up his bill,
they looked at him as if he went too far.
Though, by now, they couldn’t know
the things they did, they had to show
him that he’d never be the way they are.

As he started toward the door,
they stepped in front of him before
he could go outside and be on his way.
They said his debt was much greater
than the cash he gave the waiter.
Offered their disdain to help him pay.

Who knows why the hell they did it,
how it was or where they hid it?
Since no one will search it won’t be found.
Although, from that day thereafter,
he was free from tears and laughter,
he could see the difference all around.

Morning always ends the night time.
He told me no time’s the right time
to join their deranged society.
Who knows why the hell we do it?
Yet, we always get right to it.
No one knows or even wants to see.

Who knows why the hell we do it,
but we always get right to it.
No one knows or even wants to see.

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