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Fantastic Mouse

Posted: March 19th, 2005, 10:42 pm
by Michael
No longer available for listening

There was a fantastic mouse
who lived in a fantastic house
by herself.
She would sit and eat her cheese
and do anything that she pleased
by herself.

No one knew that she was happy
just to live by herself in her
humble home.
She did not want company.
She simply wanted to be left
all alone.

Then, one day, a suitor called
and asked her to the mouse’s ball
on Friday.
She said that she could not go.
She lied and said she’d love to, though,
on Friday.

Not knowing what he should say,
he turned his back and ran away
to his place.
Forgetting she’d been asked to go,
she looked into the mirror and saw
her face.

She made up her face one day
and laid in bed to pass away.
She knew it.
She closed her eyes so she could die.
She didn’t even have to try to
do it.

She lived all alone.
She lived all alone
and she died that way.