Video Proof of the Need for a “Nanny State”

Commentary by Michael Bonanno.

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Video Proof of the Need for a “Nanny State”

Post by Michael » July 14th, 2007, 12:08 am

<center>(originally published atOpEdNews)</center>

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been debating with people about the ease or difficulty of obtaining work in the FUSA (The Former United States of America).

Many of the people with whom I’ve debated have usually held the opinion that if one worked hard to qualify one’s self, one could obtain good paying employment. I’ve been told to look at the Sunday papers. I’ve been told that I’ll see a plethora of corporations who are looking for qualified applicants.

The bottom line for my debating opponent has always been that, if one is not employed, one is lazy and just doesn’t want to work.

However, I saw and heard many people, especially African Americans, say that they tried to better themselves and tried to obtain employment, but were turned away.

Consequently, many times the debate wound up being about the character of African Americans and their unwillingness to “pick themselves up by their boot straps and get a job.”

I lived in a predominantly Black neighborhood as a kid. Many of my friends' parents worked as hard as any Caucasian I know and harder than many. I couldn’t believe that my friends’ parents were lying when they said they couldn’t get a job no matter how hard they tried. They didn’t seem to me like people who didn’t want to work and they definitely weren’t lazy.

I really had no way to prove what I believed until I became an Operations Supervisor for a Fortune 500 global corporation. In my article “Shock Over Richards’ Rant Curious”, I exposed some of the hiring practices of the corporation for which I worked. It was then that I was able to understand that acceptance by the employers was the problem, not laziness on the part of the unemployed.

In “How To Not Hire An American - MUST SEE VIDEO” at The Daily Kos, you can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears a similar practice in progress.

The case which BobOak shows us is much more inclusive than the case in which I was involved in 1988. However, this has got to give people who think that those who are unemployed are so just because they want to be and just because they’re lazy a better perspective of where the truth lies.

This kind of hiring practice has been in place for a long, long time. In the beginning, it was to keep certain ethnic groups out of the work place. Now, employers are trying to keep qualified Americans out of the work place.

The day on which corporations are allowed to totally regulate themselves will be the day on which The FUSA's stratification into two classes, one wealthy and one poor, will be complete.

Libertarians call a government which regulates a “nanny” state. Watch this video and decide for yourself if the people who are talking about hiring practices are or are not in need of a “nanny” to watch over them. I say they need to be watched and regulated by the government, i.e., we, the people, at every turn.

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Post by Arcadia » July 18th, 2007, 12:14 pm

if state is a nanny-risk, I wonder about an accurete image for liberalism!!!

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