something i've learned...

Nov 2004
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something i've learned...

Post by firsty » November 3rd, 2004, 12:32 pm

being a part of a country is not our choice. i have no choice right now but to be an american, and even tho our country will get what it, in general, deserves, by keeping in office an entitlist hillbilly shitforbrains, i, too, will get what the rest of the country deserves, and that fucking sucks.

you have to take the good with the bad, i suppose. and part of being in an artist community is taking the good with the bad. a community is made up of people, not ideas. and people have good and bad in them. if all a person has is bad, then the community suffers from having that person around. but if a person is an artist and consists of both good and bad, then i suppose the community either has to take the bad with the good or otherwise fuck off. i'm not interested in being around people who only want to hear the 60% of me that is good. if you cant handle the rest of me, then you can fuck off.

to be fair, however, it makes sense that people trapped in a nation full of idiots and narrowminded hillbillies would want to take some control of their world. i can understand why people dont want to take the bad with the mostly good, since here we are stuck with the bad for another 4 years.

but i think it makes more sense to riot in the streets and not accept the bad of the election instead of not accepting the bad of mostly good artists. of course, rioting is hard, and simply increasing ignorance by ignoring is easy, particularly since i'm not right there to poke shoulders.

anyway, fuck off. see you in the funny papers.


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