Welcome to the regime of Bush

Nov 2004
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Welcome to the regime of Bush

Post by Lucy! » November 3rd, 2004, 10:25 pm

When I found out about the official outcome, I felt genuine sadness and depression creep into me, a horrible melancholic rash. How many soldiers, innocent people and civilians are going to die under this tyranny? The idea that people actually think we live in a democracy sickens me and I am disgusted with the way this entire system works. We are a repulsive nation if we place our trust in the hands of someone who claims to have faith but kills off thousands of his men and others for this "war on terrorism".

You know who the real terrorist is?

George W. Bush

Welcome to the regime of Bush. You've lost your rights for 4 years.
Leave your freedom at the door.

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Post by firsty » November 4th, 2004, 11:35 am

it's true.

america has become that which the original americans fled.

the Christians and the selfish rich have taken over this nation and have begun imposing their beliefs on the rest of us.

i no longer see myself even humming along with the national anthem or god bless america. i no longer believe, as i believed as late as tuesday evening, that this is the greatest nation in the world.

the majority of americans are genuinely, destructively stupid. thats a depressing thought. it's hard for me to utter this thought, to even make it materialize in my mind, but it's possible that the terror already inflicted on the american people, gullible fucks that we are, by bushco and the religious wrong, in order to get them in office for another 4 more bloodsucking, rights crushing years, will have more long term damage than the terrorism we saw on 9/11.

assholes, every last red voter.

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Post by ellipsis » November 4th, 2004, 12:17 pm

it's horrific. this nation has just died. i'm waiting for it to completely crumble.

god help it.


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