Jam #2 - CAUTION! Graphic photo of death.

Sept - Nov 2005
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Jam #2 - CAUTION! Graphic photo of death.

Post by Sober Duck » June 17th, 2005, 6:38 pm

One thing that really puzzles me is the amount of road kill on the side of the roads in my area. I can't help but think people are running down wildlife on purpose. So far I've been able to avoid countless forms of nature. I realize sometimes you just can't avoid an animal crossing the road but my god someone is killing a lot of critters and I think it's time to become aware that we are the ones with the brain, the thinkers and wildlife has no idea what a car can do. The fox photo was taken two years ago. I took it because it is unusual to see a fox run over. This week I found two more. I have never even seen a fox in the wild and I can't believe the first fox I find, a beautiful red fox was road kill.

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Post by iblieve » June 17th, 2005, 11:15 pm

I saw a few growing up in arkansas
many years go
Mankind must pay for the
evil seeds we sow.
Sport to kill
what's the thrill
with gun or car
try it with bare feet and knife
won't get far
but that would be a challenge
and fair play
we will have to pay it back someday
DARC Poet's Society.

The Hurt (L)
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Post by The Hurt (L) » June 18th, 2005, 7:48 am

What happens is-

'what happened to my water hole
it seems to have been swallowed whole
by these speeding objects
i need a drink
if i run i shall make it
and if i don't
"you can have it all
my empire of dirt.

blocked of from nature by man's seeimingly neglect, ignorance,carelessness or all 3
the fox jumps into the tarmac sea
with its whales all running the same way
somwhere he knows it is goodbye.
how can i be finished if i have not yet started. find me in the DARC side of things.

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Post by jimboloco » June 18th, 2005, 7:59 am


How did a great Red-Tailed Hawk
come to lie-all stiff and dry-
on the shoulder of
Interstate 5?

Her wings for dance fans

Zae skinned a skunk with a crushed head
washed the pelt in gas; it hangs
tanned, in his tent

Fawn stew on Hallowe'en
hit by a truck on highway forty-nine
offer cornmeal by the mouth;
skin it out.

Log trucks run on fossil fuel

I never saw a Ringtail til I found one in the road:
case-skinned it with the toenails
footpads, nose and whiskers on;
it soaks in salt and water
sulphuric acid pickle;

she will be a pouch for magic tools.

The Doe was apparantly shot
lengthwise and through the side-
shoulder and out the flank
belly full of blood

Can save the other shoulder maybe,
if she didn't lie too long-
Pray to their spirits. Ask them to bless us:
our ancient sisters' trails'
the roads were laid across and kill them:
night-shining eyes

The dead by the side of the road.
Gary Snyder, Turtle Island

(ah yes, my sweet Popeye, a pointer, trail buddy, tears for you. :cry: )
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