saturn displays its fondness for mystery

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saturn displays its fondness for mystery

Post by mtmynd » September 10th, 2007, 10:05 am

saturn displays its fondness for mystery

mercurial movements
of time’s embroidered presence
precludes any taste of goodness
which one may find
delightfully wrapped beneath
multiple layers of antique foam,
cushioning the impact of lateral wisdom-
side balls rolling relentlessly across
the imagined circumferences of latitudinal
under the
scope of backwoods privacy, seeing
with eyes filled with fires started
by unreasonable factions dissolute
upon the avenging angels whose wings
flutter mercilessly around ears
that cannot hear beyond the nose lengths
of hammered concepts that tirelessly play
remnants of sounds that echo with futility
across the gardens of tombstones
carved by breaths singing 'ave maria'

disengaged from premonitions regarded
by some as final answers splayed across
canvases dripping with colors fashioned
from roots and berries collected as
only evidence... to be brought in baskets
woven with reeds that grew in years past
the prime of jean brodie and mickey mouse -
the disney features parlayed into anxieties
that fooled even those that trusted time
as the mea-culpa mea-culpa of surrender...

dreadnoughts flying against winds of summer
trying in foolish vanity to cool the heathen
brows wrinkled by doubt and senility of
belief systems packaged for the back room shelves
lined with fourteen layers of cosmic dust
as a blanket to keep warm and reasonable
the fashionable midriff,
in-kind word flow
that emerges whenever thought mis-displays
itself amongst the brethren of civilization
together describing the taste of distance
in volumes of manuscripts destined for fodder
to feed the unwilling and incapable linked
by rings in a harmonious surround of
the seemingly endless journey of saturn

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Post by stilltrucking » December 1st, 2007, 11:45 pm

we set our mickey mouse watches to siderial time
as the sorcerers' apprentices bungle their way through another fiasco

the vanity of those that seek final answers
rooted in fear

in the serenity of saturns seemingly circular rings i spin towards solitude.

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