interview with a bug house

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interview with a bug house

Post by sweetwater » January 12th, 2009, 2:29 pm

intervieweenie: ah! like ah - what's going on here? ... i don't really agree with this set up ...

interviewer: yes ... but we're nice people!

intervieweenie: i'm sure you are ... but you don't live here! and someone stole my linux book, my monopod and some hamburgers, including my dignity ... also this has to do with liability issues, remuneration and what the fuck do i care if you're nice people ... I have Constitutional protection. So, please get out!

interviewer: we're on a discovery mission.

intervieweenie: and for which has nothing to do with me ... so take a hike ... go find someone else to experiment with and also ... you are bunch of fucking pricks. I have issues!

interviewer: why kind of issues do you have? maybe we can help ... afterall ... we're nice people.

intervieweenie: i have the 'this is not your space', issue; for one thing ... the other thing ... is that no one wants to live in a bughouse. It's a sterilization of emotion, intellect and physiology and ... it's an argument for restitution.

interviewer: we're doing an investigation!

intervieweenie: into what? the colour of my underwear?

interviewer: we think we can help you with some emotional issues!

intervieweenie: i don't have emotional issues beyond the context of art music and poetry and MISREPRESENTATION.

interviewer: we would like you to join our Society of people living in bughouses!

intervieweenie: you're out of your fucking mind, man! like this is libidinal space. The place where i hang my hat and change my clothes. And politicize the whereabouts of missing items and a depleted food supply.

interviewer: we were hungry.

intervieweenie: yeah and therefore ... the context of this happening from where ... i mean ... this is the most bastardized ... flipping hell ... you're all a bunch weirdos and ... every word i can possibly think of ... including words i can't think of ... like ... ah ... my issues aren't your issues ...

interviewer: we can help you with a language construct and improve your mood with modern appraisals

intervieweenie: you mean micro-electricity, sex dreams and virtual technology?

interviewer: we're interested in helping people

intervieweenie: yeah i'm sure you are ... it's regressive and i don't want anything to do with non-remunerative, non-liable relationships.

interviewer: what are you a lawyer?

intervieweenie: where are you located, please?

interviewer: we're invading your privacy ... so we're where you are!

intervieweenie: what is this, exactly? are you a tax attorney or something. i paid my taxes and i am not in conflict with the political legal system.

interviewer: we are the political legal system

intervieweenie: you're a kangaroo court ... a contempt ... a virtual walking restitution argument and you're fucking broke when i find your location ... and

interviewer: hang on a second ... we're nice people ... we want you to accept that we're involved with important issues and places ...

intervieweenie: i want my privacy back ... i want my life back! i want my monopod back! i use linux for fuck's sake ... you stole my fuckin linux book. what are you the microsoft police department or something ... i don't use pirated software

interviewer: we're not from this planet

intervieweenieL: yeah sure - that's a good one - it's privacy invasion technology, sex dreams night mares, chronic fatigue syndrome and seizures if you're epileptic

interviewer: are you epileptic?

intervieweenie: ah! that's spicey! why don't you call the society to deal with issues relating to discrimination for instance ?

interviewer: you haven't called the Society since last friday?

intervieweeie: you are not the Epileptic Society.

interviewer: we didn't say we were the Epileptic Society

intervieweeie: and when you say 'we' - who are you referring to?

interviewer: 'us' of course - who do you think we are?

intervieweenie: how the hell am i supposed to know?

interviewer: you don't have a sense of humour - we would like to help you with a sense of humour

intervieweenie (goes for a walk to reconstitute) (cont'd later)

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Post by stilltrucking » September 27th, 2009, 5:45 am

(goes for a walk to reconstitute) (cont'd later)
Well it is later
much later
so I guess that is it.

But that's okay
I thought it was pretty fucking brilliant funny
But you know what a dumb ass I am
Most likely I did not get it.

I have read that Kafka was surprised when he friends did not laugh at his stories. He thought he was funny as hell.

On a personal note:
I have suffered from the nice guy syndrome for years
(aka the Norman Bates syndrome)
"I would not hurt a fly"

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