the Seventh Realm - a duet with alienpoet

Writing collaborations for two.
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the Seventh Realm - a duet with alienpoet

Post by Doreen Peri » February 28th, 2006, 9:58 pm

the deep purple velvet darkness surrounds me
the sweetness of a sublime night sensation
a moon of magic
a breeze caresses
a scent of jasmine
the night song embraces me
capturing me
the sevens come together

seven lucid dreams
seven serpentine fantasies

one for a lunar orbit
two for starshine from your inner eye
three for a passionately arranged galaxy
four for earthly delights
five for miracle senses
six for the intensity of angelic voices
seven for the myriad of choices

this night of thousands...
is complete
this one night of the universe
needs nothing more
feel it
cling to it
live this night
die this night
it is perfection
it is the Seventh Realm
the gods have blessed me

into a blue infinity

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