Two for Two - Duet with Lightning Rod

Writing collaborations for two.
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Two for Two - Duet with Lightning Rod

Post by Doreen Peri » March 3rd, 2006, 2:50 am

We wrote thie piece by email together about 3 years go.
I wrote some lines. LR wrote others. We combined them
and turned it into one poem which was published in his poetry
collection called "The Heart Has Many Signals"

Two for Two

Two dancers in the same shoe
Two chefs in the same stew
Two captains in the same crew
Same picture two artists drew

If you took me apart
How would you put me together
Executive hair?
Brad Pitt dimples?
A puppy who would lick your feet?

Two hopes in the same heart
Two stabs of the same dart
Two ends to the same start
Same role, different part

If you took me
In two

How could we come to be
A pen with a flair?
A lion in lair?
Sylvia Plath's grin?
A cat to burn her fur upon your skin?

by doreen and clay

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