a recent duet mess with Wolfemoon

Writing collaborations for two.
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a recent duet mess with Wolfemoon

Post by alienpoet » March 4th, 2006, 7:00 pm

burning bridges in moonlight fire
laugh when the screaming begins
tears that overflow the river
in a hundred years in won't matter
there are seventeen axe tracks in my back
that will never heal

I was warned a hundred fold
never ever did I listen
eyes wide shut
I let it happen

and more
more friggen more

now the howling starts
ears will bleed
liars will hide
stealers run
all the dirty deed doers
will get tasty desserts
and the sickness will fly

why were they born?
to keep skinning me alive?
am i missing something?
what is the nitty gritty?
where did it all go haywire?

the train is leaving
running thru my tracks of red
it carries away wisdom i never had
blowing the whistle on my life
for unhearing ears

heading for tomorrow
on a new slice of the planet
waiting for cosmic healing
never glancing back...
at yesterday in a trash bin
read me, but don't play me backwards

dakota alien-sky raphael

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