Masticables - a poetry antología-

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Masticables - a poetry antología-

Post by Arcadia » September 12th, 2010, 8:53 pm

the book was presented last friday in Cine Lumiere of our city (north-zone, an old cinema recicled as cinema & municipal cultural center now). First time I went there, it still looks like an old cinema, loved it!!.
It was presented via a video (made by Alejandra Ríos -one of the poets- and some other people) inspired in some of the antology´s poems which theme was originally to write about toys. I got trapped in the narrative & poetry of the images, music and words.... The poems of Daniel Greco (Denis in Litkicks), an old friend of mine, were part of the book.
Here´s one poem from "Masticables" written by him that was part of the video. Enjoy!


La lata no es el fuerte Quarter Vienot
pero los protege de la dispersión
los legionarios ofrecen un buen blanco
para ser fusilados a mansalva
por una bala de cañón de madera
despintada por el roce incesante, social
y están en los dos bandos
una guerra civil en improptu
sin beduinos, sin almenas, dunas desnudas
y un nerolite gastado.

Daniel Greco

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