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Post by Arcadia » September 26th, 2010, 10:15 pm

well not a film-film, just a documentary in tv channel. It´s on Infinito Channel, a kind of esoretic one in its beginnings. It´s about the BRIC countries: Brazil, India, Russia and China: the emergent and future -supposed- leader ones. The conductor, Jorge Lanata -the ex director of Pagina 12 in its begginings and now (at least for me little dubious objective journalist) shines again in this very well filmed serie (I saw only the India chapters... today Bangalore and Mumbai). Maybe for Lanata the saying "nobody is profet in his/her own land -for too much time-" is accurate, who knows!. Good to see him in good shape again despite the greek reflextions at the end of the chapters about India!!!! :lol: :)

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